Published 2023-06-12

Fight in Solo Mode against the A.I.’s 3 difficulty levels,
or against a friend in Versus Mode.

Both fighters can be personalised in the Character Customisation screen.
You can modify the color of any body part.

3 different stages to fight in:
-Subway Station
-Parking Lot

Beware that the fighters get tired and start to sweat.
Manage your hits so you never run out of stamina!

You can create your own animations and environments using the HIT8OX Game Editor.
Editor can be found here.

Update 1:

Update 2:

Designed and developed by Vlad-Constantin Comarlau

Thanks @freds72 for the kind words and for the help with the polygon fill technique and optimisations! Looks so much better now (just how I imagined it).

Thanks @SNITAL for play testing the game and giving the first impressions!