Pokemon Scarlet, But I Only Use Frogs

Published 2023-03-25
I journey to Paldea to find out what happened to the old frog Pokemon and work to assemble the remaining ones into Team Frog.
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All Comments (21)
  • @PM7
    I will find the rest of the Frog Pokemon, doesn't matter how long it takes me I will get them back to Paldea
  • @spookbread
    That frog hat BETTER be part of the Team Frog uniform.
  • @Jake-bw3xs
    John acting like he hasn’t played this game before is the funniest part to me.
  • @k-conn2266
    John's love of frogs and Frog Pokemon is so cute and wholesome. Someone give this man a Bellibolt Squishmellow.
  • @viperfiiish1668
    With the power of frogs, we skipped the entire starfall story line
  • @vanessad.5030
    Even when he is Team Frog, he gets shinies. Dang. Frog Luck.
  • Yup, I know people may be confused how Bulbasaur is a frog but Toxtricity isn't, but Ken Sugimori has confirmed that Bulbasaur is indeed a frog and Venusaur leaping like a frog in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee further confirms it. And Toxtricity is based off newts, a fellow amphibian. Newts are poisonous, have rounded toes, and lizard-like bodies. It was particularly based off the Northern crested newt (found in Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Central Europe), sharing its jagged crest, yellow underbelly, and spots resembling the chest protrusions.

    When hunted by predators, they will secrete the poison tetrodotoxin, which prevents signals from being sent through the nervous system. In effect, this will cause paralysis and other symptoms. This matches Toxtricity's Electric/Poison dual-type and the fact Toxtricity manipulates the chemical makeup of its poison to produce electricity.
  • @Thegamergabe4.0
    General Dart, Hopkins, Froggerton, and Treeby. The four legends of Paldea. Legends say they came from a land far away, under the watchful eye of a boy named John Michael… they came and stopped massive titans, decimated the gym battles, and saved the lands from destruction of prehistoric Pokémon. We honor those names with a wide smile, and praise the Legends that is Team Frog.
  • Him in the full frog outfit and the plush on his head made me bust out laughing😂😂😂
  • @boboplayer324
    I hope this Team Frog thing becomes a full series. It would be so cool, and a nice PM7 version of MandJTV's Team Sky shenanigans!
  • @FreshYZ1954
    It’s weird how John was confused when he found a shiny meditite and the froakie
  • @mllopaeet8669
    confession: i have frog phobia, and i still flinch when a picture pops up in the vid. but i am thoroughly happy with this playthrough
  • @CamKoudo
    Even when in character John still finds shinies xD
  • Bellibolt is specifically based off the Cuyaba dwarf frog from South America, which has large "false eyes" on its rear that can emit a poisonous secretion when threatened. Its false eyes also resemble the tympanum found on frogs and toads. Come for the gameplay, stay for the Croagunk workout grind! So inspiring. I'm surprised, John. You missed Kofu's hint about what happened to the frogs when you asked. He directed you toward an auction. Why? He was telling you that the frog Pokémon are being sold in auctions on the black market, secretly selling them to be traded away back in time for Pokémon from the ancient past. The conspiracy of what happened to the frogs is bigger than expected.
  • @heckinhector8218
    Never have I seen a Youtuber that can make Frog Pokémon look so cool
  • @xasz2449
    My favorite team, Team Bicycle Lizard. Of course, it’s called Team Bicycle Lizard just like Mikey’s team is Team Bearded Deer.
  • @matthewhicks8203
    I just got off a night shift. I should be going to bed but I saw this and clicked on it so fast! The long awaited return of team frog waits for no sleep!