Linkin Park, Eminem & 2PAC - PART OF ME (2022)

Published 2022-11-01
Linkin Park, Eminem & 2PAC - PART OF ME (2022)

All the Copyrights belongs to Eminem, 2Pac & Linkin Park!

This is not official song, this is fan made REMIX!

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Beat Produced by Pendo46:

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All Comments (21)
  • To połączenie rozwaliło mi system. Meeeegaaa 💪💪💪👏👏. Slyszem wiele takich utworów, ale ten, po prostu Sztos
  • @lukic8095
    Niesamowite połączenie 😀 kocur
  • @jakejuergens
    2pac, chester, your shit will never die. You are burnt into the matrix of this planet. May your friends, family and descendents always find you through your music. This is fire, and here to stay until humans destroy this planet for good. I could listen to this waiting on an asteroid to end us drinking a bottle of whiskey not giving a flying fuck!! 🤘
  • Jesteście niesamowici uwielbiam was a Chestera zawsze będę miała w sercu i wspaniałe jest to że przy waszych utworach jeszcze go odczuwamy
  • @Jooh86036
    Uso sempre Eminem...linkin park e 2pac para meus treinos cardios minhas corridas ....⚡💀🇧🇷
  • @eltonsoares6696
    Na Moral msm to arrepiado com essa musica , muiito top Mano
  • To jest najlepszy remix jaki w życiu słyszałam!!! Ogromny szacunek ❤ oprawa muzyczna i sceny dobrane z teledysków, no po prostu majstersztyk!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • @user-yy6xb8jb3i
    Господи,это шикарно,слёзы бегут от голоса Честера 😢
  • @stephaniegood1701
    My partner had this randomly on outside while building and I ran to him to Shazam this sh*t. Absolutely insane everything fit so well together nothing missed. Really stoked to have found you!!! You have a talent and I am so appreciative of it as I'm sure many more also!! F@$# yeah! Go you! 🔥
  • @gildemarsilva22
    essa musica na academia, é motivação pra mim puxar mais peso.
  • @lizz7871
    Bendecida está vida que me permitió conocerte Chester eres grande dejaste una gran huella!!! De 2 pack poco conozco pero también se que fué grande magnífico remix con eminem los amo!!!
  • @miragem76
    Thank you. This is an amazing remix and so much more. Linkin Park will always be a part of me. Legends never disappear.
  • @user-si1mi4kj4l
    Честер, твой вокал и манера исполнения всегда с нами! Покойся с миром!😢
  • @MrFelll
    4:43 До слез и мурашек🫶 этот вокал навсегда в моей памяти!