Do or Don't: Craftworld Eldar

Published 2021-01-04
Just as the title says: this video explains some reasons why you should play the Craftworld Eldar as well as why you shouldn't. Hope this informs some decisions and that you all have a Happy New Year!
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00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - Lore Overview
02:54 - Why You Should Play Craftworld Eldar
06:13 - Why You Shouldn't Play Craftworld Eldar
10:26 - Conclusion

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    Imagine being considered the secondary protagonist of the setting and yet still going without model updates for 20 years
  • you know, people are always really quick to fast forward past the entire eldar empire, which is at least implied to have lasted for 60 Million Years. Which is in my mind the greatest Feat in all of warhammer.
  • @alanolex3962
    Don't mess with us Thousand Sons!
    We'll plan your demise for 999 years, effortlessly destroy the entire opposing force and then get absolutely fucked at the last second because either
    A: our leader was too arrogant to see this one obvious flaw in the plan
    B: Tzeentch thought it'd be funny
  • @unowno123
    1:30 take note that the elves were immortal, and were able to respawn infinitely therefore death or murder wasnt even a thing anymore
    this destabalised the death realm and thus became the warp
    but the death cults became a thing because death didnt exist anymore
    this is also how slaneesh works, she just is the incarnation of this sexual death cult, but while it is no longer viable in the new universe, she still tries to realise this scenario in a world that can no longer sustain it
    Hence why she is so weak, her whole design has become obsolite when she was created
  • @FunnyTaco143
    I would genuinely play Eldar if it wasn't for how old their models are.
  • @bobdole8830
    Most of the Eldar miniatures were around when I got into the hobby in 40Ks 3rd edition.They did hold up and still are fairly decent looking, but damn some of these models reach legal drinking age in the US...
  • @Philtopy
    the Eldar players Experience:
    1/4: you are so fast but over-motivated that you put your entire army into very vulnerable positions in turn 1 and get field whiped in turn 2.
    2/4: you are too scared to loose your elite units so you stay too far back, giving the opponent time to prepare or get in melee and then you get field whiped in turn 3-4
    3/4: you misplaced your highly specialised units/ got outmanouvered /dont know the enemys models so now you are 0% effective and you get field whiped.
    4/4 you place everything just right, your units are at the exact spot they are supposed to be and everything falls together like an evil kenivil mastermind plan and you have 110% control of the board. you feel like you own the Warhammer. the feeling of empowerment you get from this is like a drug and Slanesh is laughing in extasy every time an eldar player has this experience.
    But now your opponent looses interest in playing you so in the end you have earned the victory for the price of probably never playing the guy again. hooray
  • Loving these videos. Keep em coming. If I ever stray from the glory of Gork and Mork itll be to Eldar.
  • @Azarune
    Craftworld Aeldari for life! As many a childs who got into 40k from Dawn of War. I was caught between Space Marines and Eldar for my favorite race. As a goody-two-shoes I wanted to go for the "Good Guys" and the Craftworlds were the closest thing. When Dark Crusade came I fell in love with the earnest optimism of the Tau. But I went back to our Elf lads and lasses(I think cause I simped and donated my Tau army to a girl) and never looked back since.

    I will admit my playstyle would still more defensive, but I will stand by the Know-It-Alls! I actually was so bad when I was younger that the first time I won a game. I got a discount from the Store Manager xP

    But if I get a Space Lizardmen army I probably will convert. Best wishes!
  • In a really twisted way, not getting updated for 20 years is quite meta, remember their socks are older than most planet formations, so it makes sense their models would also be the eldest of all updates
  • @parkersmith2630
    Building my first army with Crafworld Eldar cause I like their lore and feel. Sad to see their models are outdated.
  • @Kottery
    I love Eldar. They brought me out of a bad hobby rut. For a good while I struggled to get back to assembling and painting my Death Guard and CSMs after a terrible bout of depression, but eventually I decided to go get something totally different. And that ended up being a SC: Craftworlds box, Wave Serpent, and a Guardians kit. They were so different from what I was used to painting and I slammed out a good chunk of what I bought and had it ready quick for an upcoming 500pt patrol tournament. Went for Ulthwe initially because Dawn of War 2, but lately I've been thinking about repainting them into the custom paint scheme I use for a lot of my stuff so I can comfortably run them as any Craftworld.
  • @typerez1251
    Ok. “They live in a society” for me to laugh for 2 minutes straight. Didn’t expect it, loved it.
  • @charliefoote46
    I just started playing eldar and I pray we get new models. I started playing them because I started out with guard and just bought a start collecting but then after a while of painting them and getting more into the lore. I really wanted a more unique army and I think eldar really fit that. I know they are elves and elves are common in fantasy but they look way more unique than most other factions. Hopefully they get new models so more people will play them and hopefully GW will pay attention to them.
  • @ashnak23
    Please do this for orks next. Really liking your style of video so far.
  • @gametut2012
    as somebody who is new to the W40K universe, I am glad I found your channel. You have won my subscription.
  • Eldari: thousands of years can’t even rebuild back their empire.

    Protoss: are able to rebuild back their empire after StarCraft 2.
  • I too like Iyanden. I just bought the Apocalypse vanguard detachment for Aeldari craftworlds (which is mostly just wraithhost units) just to make a Iyanden army. That and to try to overcome the challence to paint yellow.
  • @paulsmyth7930
    You managed to manifest a new avatar of Khaine model into existence, 2022 might be the year I start an eldar craftworlds army
  • @Draxynnic
    One of the things I tend to raise an eyebrow at regarding the "Tau are the closest things to good guys in the setting" line that is often stated is... most of what characterises the Craftworld Eldar as a threat to humans is, surprisingly enough, coming from the viewpoint of the Imperium. It's generally portrayed as "Eldar are jerks because they will sacrifice billions of humans to save a few Eldar" - and putting aside the fact that billions of humans probably represent a smaller portion of the overall human population than a few thousand Eldar, the fact remains that Imperial doctrine considers the craftworlders to be filthy xenos which might be lower on the priority order than others and therefore occasionally suitable for a temporary alliance when something worse is knocking, are nevertheless in line to be wiped out once the Imperium no longer has bigger fish to fry. When the Eldar do something like, say, redirecting an Orc Waaaagh to hit an Imperial hive world instead of going after a craftworld, they're not just sacrificing human lives to save Eldar lives now, they're also preventing the Imperium from growing strong enough to decide it can afford to start wiping out craftworlds. At the bottom line, the Craftworlders fight for their own survival, and to protect certain objects that they consider to be part of their legacy (such as the Maiden Worlds), but unlike the Imperium, they're not going to attack you unless you represent a real danger to them or their interests now or in the future.

    That "in the future" part is the element that makes them a race that could still be the villains in a more idealistic setting: wiping out a species because their descendants are prophesised to be a problem for the Eldar is an action that in most settings would raise questions like "are you genociding them just for something that their descendants MIGHT do" and "couldn't you, like, just steer their development in a way that means they don't do that?". In 40K, though, the Eldar kind of have a point - they don't necessarily see the future in enough detail to know for sure how to prevent a bad outcome beyond "make the species that did it no longer exist before they grow strong enough", and the survival of the galaxy as a whole is on such a knife edge, and the Eldar are so important to that, that they can't really afford to take any risks. If they fail, the whole galaxy gets consumed by Chaos, or the Tyranids, or... okay, the Necrons are one of the few races that had the grimdark toned down rather than up, but the impression I get is that Necron rule still isn't great for anyone else.

    In short, the Craftworld Eldar arrange things so that bad things happen to humans because it was the Imperium that decided that they would be enemies (or at least frenemies that not-so-secretly want to wipe each other out). But they're not interested in xenocide as an ideology (they do it, but as a means to an end, not an end in itself) or aggressive expansion (the worlds their ancestors terraformed are theirs and theirs alone, but that's probably fair enough, they wouldn't be habitable otherwise, and they usually give interlopers a warning to evacuate). If you're some peaceful alien race that just wants to mind its own business, maybe colonise the local region, the Craftworld Eldar are probably the best playable race to come into contact with.