Which Loyalist Chapters Were Created Using Traitor Geneseed? | Warhammer 40k Lore

Published 2023-03-24
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Traitor geneseed is considered to be tainted and heretical by most. However it has actually created some of the most powerful and steadfast loyalist chapters in the entire Imperium

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  • I had the idea of a chapter that's listed as Ultramarine stock but are hinted at having Angron geneseed. Instead of bloodthirsty world eaters, as children of his true self, theyre accomplished empaths, medics and speakers, adept at rallying troops and inspiring hope, that find battles everyone thinks lost to either turn the tide or get as many civilians out as possible.
  • @viewernewest
    I think Bellisarius Cawl said it best through the Cawl inferior in Dark Imperium to Guilliman, "The warriors were not at fault, the science was not at fault, the primarchs were. Chapters from your lineage have fallen to chaos and we do not censure them."
  • @thewerdna
    There is one more hint that the Silver Skulls are Iron Warriors. There is a story where an inquisitor uncovered some secret about their founding and geneseed, but rather than reveal it (as she determined the chapter was 100% loyal) instead sent this info to their chapter master and their 1st company captain. The two Silver Skulls were greatly disturbed by this information, though stating the information would "both condemn and exonerate" their chapter. Thus it would make sense as the condemn part would be "traitor geneseed", but also would be exonerated because they are basically descended from members of a traitor legion who remained loyal and due to being considered honorary Ultramarines during the heresy, formed their own chapter afterwarss Which checks out with the theory that they have been Iron Warriors the entire time and Guilliman just claimed they were Ultramarines to cover for them., likely making sure future generations of the chapter wouldn't even know the truth to prevent it from getting out.
  • I hope we get to see how Lion "Space Tywin Lannister" El'Jonson react to the Primaris Space Marines for the Dark Angels and their successor chapters.
  • @tbone9474
    So glad you mentioned the Blood Ravens as they became canon. Love how people theorised their connection to the Thousand Sons, then that too became canon. I love the fandom
  • @thewerdna
    I think the Soul Drinkers were actually either 2ed or 11th legion, since we know that the Fists (along with the Ultramarines) absorbed the remnants of those legions into their own. Since everyone's memories of this were wiped, it would then make sense why everyone was 100% certain they were fists until they checked their geneseed
  • You have to wonder if the Sons of the Phoenix are some sort of elaborate double bluff from Cawl. Like, he made it so blatantly obvious that someone's gonna call him out but, after testing the geneseed, it turns out they are indeed genuine sons of Dorn. Meanwhile every other, less obvious Primaris chapter is riddled with traitor geneseed but everyone's too embarrassed to call him out a second time!
  • @Itri_Vega
    I know very little about the shark boys but the possibility of them having a bit of Konrad in them makes me very happy, especially considering the Night Lords have effectively disbanded.
  • The Silver Skulls also have a heavy Greek influence, with the idea of basing battle plans on oracle's predictions being very much a thing in ancient Greece, which is obviously a strong narrative link to Pertarabo's home world.
  • @Franz0818
    Man, imagine if Clonegrim became the Primarch of the Sons of the Phoenix chapter
  • @jo_ken
    Would be interesting if we could get a book of one of the traitor geneseed chapters going up against their daemon primarch and their legion. The entire time having a strange sense during the campaign, but keep it subtle so it’s ‘confirmed’ but not really.
  • I heard once a theory that the Astral Claws were Luna Wolf successors, but the only thing pointing towards that, as far as I can see, is that their chaptermaster was very charismatic.
  • @Godzillaguy21
    My pet theory was also that the Minotaurs came from Iron Warriors stock. I think the brutal efficiency is one thing, but the fact they're really chill with mechanizing a large part of their chapter/use a lot of cybernetics made me think of Perty's whole thing about liking to use robots. Also found it funny because his home world is Olympia, so Minotaurs....
  • @CadianColors
    The Silver Skulls also have the greatest ship name I've heard yet; 'The Manifest Destiny'
  • I would love to see a video on the living saints and how they died
  • Roboute Guilliman did warn Belisarius Cawl to not use the Traitor Legion geneseed for the Primaris Space Marine program. Cawl used them anyway.
  • there is also some lore around the lost primarch's legions being partially absorbed into other legions during the great crusade, this could be an explanation for supposed ultramarine/imperial fist successors not matching geneseed
  • I'm actually a huge fan of The Sons of The Pheonix. They're literally just Loyal Emperor's Children and I'm there for it!
  • I’m shocked you didn’t mention the Storm Wardens at all, who are one of the most agreed upon Chapters to be of Traitor Geneseed. Heck, a large number of their Veterans from centuries/millennias ago sealed themselves away deep inside their Fortress Monastery to both preserve the knowledge & to not damn the rest of the Chapter who were unaware of it. As for what legion their geneseed came from, they’re heavily implied to be World Eaters due to their gladiator culture & preference for melee.