I challenged a famous hacker to a Neopets speedrun

Published 2024-06-06
Neopets has never been done like this.

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Music Credits (in order of appearance):

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Sky Station Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Koopa’s Lava Empire
Smash Bros. Brawl - Snake Eater
Rez - Buggie Running Beeps 01
Mario Kart 7 - Title Theme
Yakuza Like a Dragon - Apathy 3
Skyrim - Out of the Cold
Astro’s Playroom - 16 Goal
Bayonetta - Truth
Miitopia - Princess
Parappa The Rapper 2 - Instrumental: Sista Moosesha
Stella Glow - Xeno
F-Zero GX - Pico’s Theme
Professor Layton & The Diabolicial Box - Moment of Rest (Live Version)
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Royal Research Lab
Battlefield V - Legacy Theme
Super Mario Odyssey - Fossil Falls
Smash Bros. Ultimate - Gear Up For (Fire Elmblem Heroes)
Super Mario 3D World - Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep
Smash Bros. Brawl - Battlefield Ver. 2
Super Mario Galaxy - Wind Garden
Team Fortress 2 - Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Fire Emblem Engage - The Fire Emblem (Battle Records)

About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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All Comments (21)
  • @grifogrifoo
    Thanks to DougDoug and his community, Rosa has lived quite possibly the best life of any otter ever. Rest in Peace, Rosa
  • @Doctor4077
    I love how Doug was just trying to annoy Parkzer with the whole “criminal” label, only for Parkzer to realize that he could actually be classified as a criminal on a technicality.
  • @jacobeaton538
    "I realised I would never achive neighborhood dominance with a small super soaker, so I just whipped out the hose" - Parkzer. How is this man not the president of the United States yet
  • @faloughasch9239
    Doug is literally a child on the playground. "I'm losing, so I actually win because reasons."
  • @InsidiousClouds
    I love that any time DougDoug has it in the title that he hired someone famous or notable, and its just Parkzer.
  • @EonLess
    In this video, Parkzer admits to being a reformed criminal.
  • The fack that Doug had to cheat just to tie with Parkzer proves that Parkzer is the ultimate Neopets god.
  • I have learned two things in this video: 1- Parkzer could technically be classified as a reformed criminal. 2- Doug has mastered the art of scamming.
  • @Troxler7444
    Rest In Peace, Rosa. It would be impossible to find any other otter that could even compare to you. Swim with the Angels.
  • @ChefticYT
    Rest in peace Rosa we will miss you queen 🕊
  • @JoniCardenas
    Parkzer is not a real human, no sane person who has been to at least two Canadian cities would ever say that Calgary is the best city in Canada.
  • I love that parkzer tried to actually color in the sheet to be pretty. Like he could have just taken a black sharpie to it or something but that's just not the kind person he is
  • @eternallyd3d
    Rosa, our beloved sea otter, passed yesterday. After a long, triumphant life she serves raising her pups at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, she is finally sailing high in the sky eating all the shrimp she could ever want. Sleep well Rosa, you touched our beloved hearts ❤️
  • @Orionhart
    Dougdoug and editors, thank you very much for actually fully crediting all the music in the description. Always frustrates me to see YouTubers say "well if I don't get a DMCA then I don't really need to credit".
    I can't believe the cheating and the rigging that took place in the Neopets race. That game really takes me back to my childhood.
  • @Gren0
    "Your Neopets are dead. You didn't feed them." - Daniel Thrasher
  • @gabrieldinix
    I love that parkzer refused to accept gifts out of principle, and Doug used receiving gifts for free fully to his advantage to scam xD
  • @hamhamson7740
    Seeing the title and wondering who Doug could be colabing with and what internet personality could be described as a hacker Then one second into the video being greeted by Parkzer and instantly knowing what is going on