Can Humans And Aeldari Interbreed? - 40K Theories

Published 2021-01-03
Given their physical similarities, is it at all possible for humans and Aeldari to produce hybridised offspring?

This is an updated and remastered video with additional information and higher quality audio.

Apologies if my voice seems a little off in this video, I was dealing with the tail end of a throat infection at the time.

Additional Narration by Stephanie Swan Quills

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  • @40KTheories
    Firstly, yes this is a remaster (as the original sounded as if it was recorded with a potato) with a hell of a lot more information added.
    Secondly, for those asking why I didn't include the character of Illiyan Nastase, this is due to the character pretty much being retconned from existence after 1st edition. Plus with changes to how the Imperium view Xenos as a whole, there would be no way that he would be allowed anywhere close to the ranks of the Dark Angels, who are one of the most xenophobic chapters out there (since he was originally from the Ultramarines then transferred to the Dark Angels, for some reason) so it seemed kinda pointless to include him.
    That being said, we did get Ael Wyntor...

    Illiyan Nastase is within the new Dawn of Fire book, but has been retconned to be an Aledari Farseer rather than a Space Marine Librarian Hybrid.
  • Well I think the question on everyone’s mind is this: can a PRIMARCH interbreed with an eldar? Asking for a giant blue friend
  • @Epicmonk117
    Personally, I find the political ramifications of the two species being able to breed MUCH more interesting than the question of whether or not they actually can. Humans and eldar who support a human-eldar alliance would use this as leverage, with the humans claiming that eldar are abhumans rather than xenos and the eldar calling this the salvation of their species.
  • @donkface8509
    This is just proof that the Old Ones did in fact tried to make the perfect waifu species
  • @EmperorGeiseric
    In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Life uhh... finds a way.
  • @CommanderX1125
    "Can humans and Eldar Interbreed?"

    I cannot confirm, but God-Emperor knows I'm willing to make the sacrifice trying.
  • @TealWolf26
    The two thirstiest species in fantasy history have carnal relations with each other? Surely not.
  • @terratheterribl
    It would be hilarious if a human man and an eldar woman had a fling and they had an accidental pregnancy because the eldar was under the impression that the "mating 3 times" rule applied to humans too
  • @jeyb14
    'I can't wait to be a loyal servant of the Emperor.'
    'You idiot, we're inside a Farseer's throat'
  • @voodooozo3755
    Why do you fight?
    - For Emperah
    - For the greater good
    - To bring my race back to greatness
    - For mah thicc aeldari waifu
    - For WAAAAGH
  • @gleric5099
    As TTS has taught us, of course they can, why do you think Big E was building humanity a webway?
  • @BSFilms1997
    One of my RPG characters’ backstories was that their father was a highborn kidnapped by Drukhari. Due to him taking to the Aeldari language quickly and amusing a Haemonculus who kept him, he was granted a wish for an heir...which the Haemonculus granted in the worst way possible, because she’s a Drukhari, after all.
  • Question, can humans and aeldair interbreed?

    The canon lore: "Well yes but actually no."

    The fandom, particularly r34 artists: "BREEDING IS BREEDING!"
  • @ShawndaPrawn
    Remleiz: possibly, but it’s extremely unlikely outside of genetic modification or cloning.
    Farseer Taldeer: oh thank Isha! My daughter isn’t necessarily non-canon!
  • I’m pretty sure an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor and Mechanicus Biologist tried to do this and somehow failed.
  • @KyrieFortune
    Has anyone checked on Yvraine? Does she have morning sickness and/or migraines? If yes, we know the answer
  • @bigneto95
    The great question would be, does this half eldar be free from slanesh?
  • @patton5283
    I think the greatest argument against the Inquisitor having a half eldar child is due to him being in a Goto story
  • @SarynPrime
    "Can Humans and Aeldari interbreed??" If there is a possibility, then hell yeah, why not i'm down for it.