New Update Spending Spree and Upgrade Guide!

Published 2024-02-28
The New Clash of Clans Update brings the Overgrowth Spell and Royal Champion Equipment. Judo Sloth Gaming gems these to maxed whilst providing an upgrade guide. The important troop and defense upgrades are also gemmed as I always like to help share my thoughts on what the best upgrades are following an update. Clash On!

Overgrowth Spell Explained:    • New Overgrowth Spell Explained (Clash...  
New RC Equipment Explained:    • New Royal Champion Equipment in Clash...  
Gem the Best Hero Equipment:    • I Maxed the Best Equipment for Every ...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @Shadow_6190
    Am I the only one who loves watching judo spend his entire life saving and his soul for couple of upgrades 😅
  • @InfernalDaze
    Judo I have to say I've been playing COC for a long time now nearly maxed TH13, and I never watch COC YT, but I always watch your ones now. Seriously good editing and straight to the point super helpful advice. I think you're doing a lot to keep this game alive and keeping players coming back, so thank you.
  • @Gastofka
    Clash is starting to feel like these websites with a lot of ads because of the pass, like Every time you upgrade something their telling you indirectly to buy the pass
  • @darkeagle6357
    Who think the overgrowth spell is not so useful ? 😅
  • @yojos765
    if there is 3 buildings left and you use overgrowth spell on them what happens?
  • @darkeagle6357
    1st dark elixir spell that has 2 housing space 👍 And largest tiles spell
  • @Tsnsyntax
    I don't see the overgrowth spell quite effiecient as a th13