Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published 2023-03-25
Jimin performs "Like Crazy" for The Tonight Show.

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Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


All Comments (21)
    Who will always support Jimin forever raise their hand ✋✋✋
  • 이klzm
    자랑스런 지민 언제나 응원합니다
  • lululu nana
    Jimin's angelic voice is so magical that I can’t describe with words..
  • Mariela Park
    This song fits Jimin so beautifully, I'm in love
  • HI P
    so impressive and good!! Jimin, I'm always rooting you
  • Pokemon1200
    I'm not an army but I gotta admit that this song is a masterpiece. I'm playing it on repeat since yesterday. It's a BOP and the choreo is outstanding. Jimin is an amazing dancer
  • ju_ ju
    Jimin has his own talent that no one can imitate
  • Чимин занесен в Книгу рекордов Гиннеса как самый быстрый соло-исполнитель K-pop, набравший 1 миллиард прослушиваний в истории Spotify (393 дня).
  • Vanaleigh1013
    How I wish the label sent this to US radio. This song is what you really want to hear on the Radio unlike the others. This is Radio material. Soundtrack Material and Driving song material. All of the above. Still proud of you Jimin.
  • Lala Zee
    Can't stop admiring this masterpiece.
  • Lizard King
    This dude is the perfect pop star. Very impressive
  • A well deserved #1 on Billboard 100..... This song turns more addictive on each listen. It's been weeks but still there's no slightest point of getting bored. This guy is a total pop star with this performance tho..... He slayed with this choreo
  • Ananya
    Must say the most attractive , full with charisma, talented idol.
  • Ну какая же красота и услада для слуха и глаз - и музыка, и вокал Чимина, и хореография...
  • DrSeckzytime
    Guy is crazy talented and has one of those unique voices that just stand out. And he's even wilder of a dancer. Guy's blessed for sure. Great artist. BTS is loaded with talent. Imagine getting that lucky to ensemble a group like this. Haven't seen that since the Backstreet Boys.
  • 송송
    이무대너무좋다ㅎㅎ지민님 언제나 응원할께요