5-Year-Old Chrisyius Whitehead Is A Drumming SAVANT! | Auditions | AGT 2024

Published 2024-06-04
5-year-old Chrisyius Whitehead is the most adorable drummer in the world! See why Simon Cowell calls Chrisyius "BRILLIANT!"

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Going for the gold! World-class judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel and beloved host Terry Crews are back with an all-new season of awe-inspiring talent and jaw-dropping, Golden Buzzer-worthy moments.

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5-Year-Old Chrisyius Whitehead Is A Drumming SAVANT! | Auditions | AGT 2024
   • 5-Year-Old Chrisyius Whitehead Is A D...  

America's Got Talent
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All Comments (21)
  • Not only did he have good timing, but he also has good manners and knew what to answer.
  • @Beastie_Boy33
    the most impressive thing is how he stood up there solo and answered every question like a seasoned pro and then went up and slayed. this kid is unreal.
  • “Yes sir” “yes ma’am” Hearing him say that melts my heart every time…
  • Bro was raised immaculately by his parents to be an extremely nice and talented young man. I hope this kid goes on to live a long, happy and prosperous life.
  • @GreatVIIII
    Thats insane bro, never in my life I would have expected a 5 YEAR OLD TO PLAY BETTER than most people I've seen
  • "200 bags of slime and squishy toys" he really thought this through i love it
  • @bigshaq1177
    Never seen a full package at this age. Calm, discipline, wisdom, talent,......parents are proud
  • @odeansmith6029
    This child is a genius. Parents did a phenomenal job raising him. He deserved the golden buzzer!
  • The parents of this young man need to take a bow as well. Kudos. You could see the pride oozing out of them and deservedly so.
  • You guys should call this Genius back and give him his golden buzzer, pls. I can't get tired watching this dude.
  • @mMsbeezer
    This child has better manners than most adults that I have met! Good parents raise great children😄
  • @RonFleener
    "Yes Ma'am" what a kind soul this little man is. Makes me proud of his parents.
  • This kid is remarkable in every way. I know adults who aren’t this good and don’t have half the manners. Love this kid.
  • It’s so adorable lol looks like a angel controlling his lil arms 😂
  • @iamgrey.9051
    for a 5 year old, with that skills, definitely deserves a golden buzzer
  • He was actually looking at the parent and still drumming perfectly without interrupting himself…dis is a gift from God,a golden buzzer was needed here
  • The kid has a gift. No doubt. The ears. He hears music very very well.
  • Its the manners for me.. This cute fella is destined for greatness.. Keep drumming. 👍💝