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Published 2023-03-26

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  • @bigus_brainus
    The fact that Nexon is finally being publicly embarrassed and having their reputation ruined is so heartwarming
  • Fun fact: Nexon once sued a programmer named "DrUnKeN ChEeTaH" so all the court filings had to include that name written that way a bunch of times. I just think that's really funny
  • @denzham
    my favourite line from it was definitely "Since key members of Ironmace were also on the development team of the P3 Project and know how quickly and haphazardly the P3 Project was built, if anything, using assets, design, and code built for that project would have been a hinderance rather than a benefit to the development of Dark and Darker."
  • @bigwinboard
    Filing these bogus infringement claims should come with serious consequences! So sick of the whole lawsuit culture and bullies pulling legal threats out of their asses.
  • @nickpereira971
    Ironmace really said, "This sh*t's so generic we asked an AI to make a story for fun" 🤣
  • @ranchjenkem6002
    It’s actually crazy how video game companies pursue things like this—as a business, you can’t be angry that someone left your burger company and made better burgers down the street. “Oh no, he’s using beef. WE use beef.” Unless this guy has an explicit non-compete he violated there’s zero chance this holds up, regardless of the other history between him and Nexon. Insane
  • @Hero-oz9gx
    they honestly should counter-sue for damages once this is all over and we should support them
  • @yphoenix5957
    "You can't copyright, 'own' a genre, It's not yours. " I love Charlie's comment, "It's not yours". More publishing companies need to be punished more severely for lying so blatantly and wasting everyone's time.
  • @DB123infane
    as a game dev this was so predictable but the fact they had that spread sheet ready to go that fast is beautiful. Every dev knows about these type of assets its amazing to me that they think this would work legal standing.
  • @YourLocalDM_VT
    Watching the two videos on this, it excites me to see that Ironmace is not only taking this so professionally and well thought out in defense of their game, but they're putting on a show while doing it. To respond to a full claim from Nexon about how they've made such a complete, fun to play game in 10 months with just "Skill Issue," I'm definitely rooting for Ironmace to win this, and supporting a countersue for damages and conspiracy (for that false police raid). Looking forward to see how this ends!
  • @sedevri864
    I've been really looking forward to Dark and Darker so I REALLY hope they come out on top and quickly.
  • @RoyLevan
    Iron Mace really gave them the legal smackdown with that asset list. God damn that’s a baller move. They’d be stupid not to counter-sue
  • @TimmyTam
    The fact Nexon said it's impossible to make a good game in 10 months, and they just responded with "Skill issue". So much respect lmao
  • @fishlips4801
    If I had a nickel for every time a corporate video game studio did some cartoon villain shit I would have a concerning amount of nickels.
  • @iNinBreak
    as someone who has probably over 2000 hours in maplestory over my life and having followed allot of drama in the community i can say that the moment i heard the word nexon in the last video i knew they were gonna shoot themselfs in the foot again
  • @ImJinx
    It's sad for IronMace that they have to go through such a stress because of the art they have created
  • Never even heard of dark and darker but after following this story I will likely buy the game once it is released/a beta is released in a similar manner to Darktide, I wanna support these devs seeing how much shit they’ve been going through
  • It’s never not going to be satisfying seeing big corporations suffer and struggle
  • @crazyMLC
    the fact that they attempted to claim stolen assets via filename and not file hash is incredible
  • @coledowney406
    As an unreal game dev, using file names as a basis for comparison between games is nuts lmao