What I've Done

Published 2022-05-12
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What I've Done · Linkin Park

Minutes to Midnight

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Engineer: Andrew Scheps
Band Member: Brad Delson
Background Vocals: Brad Delson
Vocals: Bradford "Brad" Delson
Band Member, Vocals: Chester Bennington
Engineer: Dana Nielsen
Vocals: Dave "Phoenix" Farrell
Engineer, Masterer: Dave Collins
Pro Tools: Erich Talaba
Engineer: Ethan Mates
Producer: Frederick "Rick" Rubin
Assistant Mixing Engineer: George Gumbs
Vocals: Joseph "Chairman Hahn" Hahn
Band Member: Joseph Hahn
Masterer: Justin Smith
Producer: Michael "Mike" Shinoda
Vocals: Michael "Mike" Shinoda
Band Member: Mike Shinoda
Background Vocals: Mr. Hahn
Engineer, Mixer: Neal Avron
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Nicolas Fournier
Engineer: Phillip Broussard
Unknown: Phillip Broussard, Jr.
Band Member: Phoenix
Background Vocals: Phoenix
Band Member: Rob Bourdon
Background Vocals: Rob Bourdon
Writer: Bradford Philip Delson
Writer: Chester Charles Bennington
Writer: David Michael Farrell
Writer: Joseph Hahn
Writer: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Writer: Robert Gregory Bourdon

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  • Rest in peace Chester Bennington. You were truly a one of a kind. The world is darker without you in it
  • @maroonfan-lj8sc
    How many people immediately think of Transformers as soon as this song starts playing!? This was the first song I heard as a kid when I was about 9 years old in 2007, we need more artist that can give us music like this. There will be no one else ever close to what Chester seriously was for the Linkin Park band.
  • @charonsferry1844
    Protip: Play this song after completing a difficult task (like a school exam or something) and you'll feel like you're in the end credits of a mid-2000s action movie
  • Every time I here this song, I immediately think of Michael Bay's first "Transformers" (2007) movie. A childhood classic.
  • @FishyGang4Life
    In this farewell
    There's no blood, there's no alibi
    'Cause I've drawn regret
    From the truth of a thousand lies

    So let mercy come and wash away

    What I've done
    I'll face myself
    To cross out what I've become
    Erase myself
    And let go of what I've done

    Put to rest
    What you thought of me
    While I clean this slate
    With the hands of uncertainty

    So let mercy come and wash away
    What I've done
    I'll face myself
    To cross out what I've become
    Erase myself
    And let go of what I've done

    For what I've done
    I start again
    And whatever pain may come
    Today this ends
    I'm forgiving

    What I've done
    I'll face myself
    To cross out what I've become
    Erase myself
    And let go of what I've done

    What I've done
    (Na-na, na, na, na-na, na, na)
    (Na-na, na, na, na-na, na, na)
    Forgiving what I've done
    (Na-na, na, na, na-na, na, na)
    (Na-na, na, na, na-na, na)
  • @osiris8933
    I love how this song defines the pure feeling of regret, of the realization that its time to stop whatever mistakes you are doing.

    Its like a painfull confession where you finaly admit that youve been screwing up big time but kept denying for a long time and today after crossing a new red line filling you with regret, youre finaly ready to understand everything youve been doing, to stop it and face it so you can move on to the next chapter becoming a better person.

    The genius idea behind this music its that it doesnt specify the mistake itself, so it can literally mean different things to different people: constant drug and alchool abuse, constant betrayals, failing big time with the persons that care for you and specially failing yourself. In my case ? Its all of the above together right now.

    What i've done...
  • @Brnanabird
    I am Optimus Prime.
    And i send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars
    we are here, we are waiting.
  • @lucasemanoel459
    Essa música é surreal, toda vez que ouço me faz lembrar da adolescência; e hoje estou aqui relembrando os melhores momentos.
  • @Collison92
    One can save millions, but millions can’t save one. R.I.P Chester ❤😢🫡
  • @gerardoblu9284
    1:59 The scene where Starscream is leaving the atmosphere always gives me chills..
  • @LordVoltRod2c
    I could dedicate this song to the sinking of a mighty ship and say that is my soul for a long-lost friend. Rest in Peace to the musician who died who did this song. It touches a part of me. All of your music does.
  • @zombiehabits
    I remember staying up extremely late in the 2010s, just watching Transformer's first ever movie by Michael Bay. Thank you for crafting my childhood of movies, Linkin Park <3
  • @felypejorge8668
    "Sem o allspark, não podemos levar a vida de volta ao nosso planeta...."
  • @dylan54945
    Maybe this sounds dumb, but I’m an alcoholic and haven’t had a drink in 50 days now. I listen to this song almost everyday and it makes me try and forgive my past and be proud of starting a new slate.
  • @hjk8692
    When you walk out of the theater thinking you're the Protagonist moving on