Lord Commander Dante EXPLAINED By An Australian | Warhammer 40k Lore

Published 2023-03-22
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Dante is a legend of the Imperium, Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, Lord of imperium Nihilus and.... he just wants to die

Artwork in Thumbnail by :
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All Comments (21)
  • @ethanparedes3997
    "Don't fight Abbadon they said, he would kill you they said


  • The only reason Dante crossed the Rubicon and became a Primaries marine was because there was a good chance he could die during the procedure.

    Of course it didn't work.
    You should do all the prominent Chapter master as their own videos. The lore for each is awesome in their own right
  • @sphyre1196
    40k is just peak crazy. Imagine being so good at your extremely deadly job that despite your best efforts you can't get yourself killed.....AND then further imagine your boss coming in to tell you how much he appreciates your hard work and asking you to do more of it, just without the suicidal tendencies. Poor Dante can't get the rest he deserves.
  • @shanemurphy3186
    Khorne is so unintentionally funny, like sending Ka'Bandha to stop the Tyranids only because it would have meant something other than his followers from killing the Blood Angels is so petty for unimaginably powerful being. It's also hilarious that he granted the orcs who fought their way to his realm the closest thing to Heaven by letting them be stuck in an eternal cycle of war.
  • @_Zer0Gr4vity_
    Not gonna lie, the part in Devastation of Baal, where Dante begs Sanguinius to let him rest, literally crying (extra emotional damage in the audio book as the delivery is so good), made me quite emotional. No other 40k story was even close to get this reaction out of me.
  • @mumalito
    Dante: For the love of the Emperor, let me die!

    Guilliman, Sanguinius and Ka´Bandha teaming up to avoid it: "Well...yes, but actually no"
  • @Raubabbau
    The feeling of finally receiving the sweet kiss of death only to wake up an even harder-to-kill Space Marine.
  • What makes Dante interesting is that he wants to die, but instead of seeking suicide by cop by charging suicidally into battle his sense of duty is as strong if not stronger then his death wish. So he keeps on winning. And because he is too good at winning both Guilliman and the spirit of Sanguinius want to keep him around for even longer. He's truly a victim of his own success.
  • Something also worth mentioning, he resisted the black rage through just…deciding to do so

    I don't remeber the exact details, but I believe he was walkibg towards the swarmlord, and there's a cool scene where suddenly the description of what is happening changes, and suddenly we hear about the clang of metal boots and the dark hallways of a spaceship, and dante just… says No. I am Dante, and i will die as Dante

    Man just said no to the black rage
  • @donald2005
    I like that dante wanted to suicide bomb the silent king probably not realizing that he has a bunch of extra bodies he can put himself into so it wouldn’t have been a very good sacrifice
  • @lewishorsman2219
    Do you know what? Seeing daemons of Khorne led by not only a greater daemon but perhaps the greatest daemon of Khorne fight alongside Blood Angels while every blood angel hears the daemon host crying out “they belong to us!!!” Whilst charging down and ripping Tyranids to shreds could well be the best scifi battle scene ever made if done right.

    Blood Angels & daemons tearing Nids limb from limb in a sea of red armour & molten skin
  • @Nman923
    Dante is the embodiment of the phrase “the reward for a job well done is more work”
  • @The_Keeper
    Dante embodies this quote;
    “Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death.”
    ― Uesugi Kenshin
  • He actually has revealed his true face, I think he first revealed it to the Salamanders Chapter master Tu'Shan as a sign of respect and to somewhat ease Tu'shan's self doubt, and then to the entirety of the Blood angels chapter and successor right before the Fall of Baal.
    Also my favorite Dante scene is when he wakes up from his death and hallucinates his birth father, and tries to show his father how he "Became an angel."
  • Dante may be one of the keys to bring back his Primarch, But what do you guys think?
  • @ChnChn-in5kf
    Served 1500-1600 years longer then our Hawk Father and now he’s more badass getting stronger with Primaris Upgrade a true badasss and respected by most chapters for how long and what he’s done
  • @Luciferkrist
    A man with no hope, yet still lives to do his duty, is the most on-point character for today's world.
  • @kccustodes2618
    I really like where GW is going with the lore. It is no longer stagnant, status quo. Things are happening finally.