This Bucket Is Horrible

Published 2023-03-26

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  • @1337_bean
    it’s funny how something like “checking your children’s candy” started as a joke for parents to eat candy, but has transformed into something that is a genuine fear for some 😂
  • Dude with a friend in the candy industry here. Normally when someone finds a “razor blade” in their candy 9 times out of 10 it’s actually a metal shard that has broken off of a conveyor. This can happen with lots of stuff from canned goods to soft drinks though safety standards for that kind of contamination has become so good that it’s exceedingly rare (bugs on the other hand while still rare are more common). If you by chance do find a metal/wood/glass shard in a prepackaged consumable contact the company immediately along with any information on the batch if you can find it on the packaging. If they’re worth their salt they will immediately shut down that line until the problem is solved. It’s also considered good practice to send thanks in some form, normally via a coupon or in some cases an entire box of whatever you bought and/or similar goods (from a different batch/line of course.)
  • @ValorShincie
    Bless his heart I genuinely feel like he meant well
  • The promise of drug laced candy had me trick or treating well into my teens. Between Halloween and the D.A.R.E. program I was under the impression I was going to encounter a lot more people trying to get me high.
  • @RiellyMilne
    Nothing could have prepared me for the sound it makes
  • In Australia a few years back we actually had cases of people putting sewing needles in strawberries & there was a mass panic about that for a bit. Not during Halloween or anything just someone working in the stores was sticking them in & it was fkin terrifying.
  • @-Z33G-
    i can definitely see a parent buying this for their kids and throwing out every single piece of candy because the ring on their finger is setting it off
  • I remember as a child I once got a candy bar on Halloween, and just so happen to bite right into a Barrett M82. If i had "Boo" the bucket ghost, maybe I wouldn't be so scared of Twix bars.
  • @dogetaxes8893
    My favourite thing is that the strange fear of parents scared people are gonna poison or tamper with their children’s candy comes from a dad who tried to cover it up by doing it to his own kid and then blaming some strangers candy. The last 20-30 years have objectively been the safest time ever to raise kids but parents are still incredibly neurotic.
  • @timmynook
    I think another thing people aren’t aware of is the fact if you as a parent might be wearing a ring or something metallic in your halloween costume could easily trigger a false positive, making you search through a whole bowl of candy for nothing.
  • @varence7007
    Sam needs to produce demand and then give supply. If Boo isn't funded because there are no razors in a Snickers bar, he should do something about it en masse 😈
  • @butteye7951
    6:01 If you wanted to identify the candy you could just take everything out and put it back in one by one to find the one that has it. The more confusing this is what a kid is supposed to do when Boo tells them the person infront of them wants to kill them
  • @AlwaysANemesis
    The "drugs in candy" myth is definitely my favorite one of these. Imagine, you're dealing in illicit substances, potent expensive shit, and you decide that the best market to open up for these is literal children with no financial power of their own and zero odds of being repeat clients. I'm sure Bobby, age 5, will be more than happy to steal his mom's credit card for another smack at them doped-up milk duds.
  • @moykoy5609
    this has actually happened twice in my area (to my knowledge) Once it was homemade popcorn balls with metal bits in them and then 5-10 years later someone pushed sewing needles into mars bars. Both of the guys were arrested and were 80+ year old men.
  • @mewtje3095
    They really blasted the opportunity to call this a "boocket"
  • @Juhno
    As a side note. It's strange that crazy people haven't really done this to a large extent after hearing urban legends. Good for them.
  • @knowvoid9958
    Well you don't have to open all of the candy, you could just use the bucket to find out which one again.
  • @ashleysmith7160
    There was a case a few years ago where a dad put rat poison in his kids pixie sticks and was using the hysteria of tampered Halloween candy to try to build an alibi, I can't remember if it was his son or his daughter but one of the kids actually died, he also handed out a few other tampered pixie sticks to the neighbors kids but fortunately his kid was the only one who actually ate any
  • @fuwafuwarowatari
    If this was the main candy bucket your kid is carrying, and IF it actually ever went off, they're now staring face-to-face with someone who just gave them something dangerous. That seems...dangerous.
  • @GloriousKOC
    coincidentally this "myth" is something that actually happened in my country (New Zealand) where people were putting needles inside of fruit at supermarkets, so bring on the Boo Bucket I say 😅