This is Just Stupid

Published 2023-03-24

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  • ogafroman
    thank you for spreading the word about these crooked cops. i appreciate your video.
  • Pedro Stormrage
    Afroman is probably one of the best examples of "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" I've ever seen
  • skygard49
    Considering that people almost never see a dime after a false raid, I'm glad that Afroman found a way to make money off this while humiliating them. Unfortunately there's a good chance that the police are going to do everything in their power to harass him and his family beyond just a lawsuit
  • QBDLettuce
    I hope Afroman counter sues them to the point that their entire department needs to be investigated for wrongful conduct in other cases.
    If they've stolen money from a high profile target like this, you can only imagine what they've taken from people without the means to fight back.
  • Wardre Caridius
    I love how the cops are like "wait, that man we raided is actually a successful rapper? Damn, we could've stolen MORE of his things!"
  • Gage Mead
    Raided his house, stole his money, and now sueing... These guys are the dictionary definition of Cowardice.
  • A Garb
    imagine destroying someone's house and then suing them for using the footage of it.
  • DelEnd
    I bet if he didnt have cameras set up they would have found everything they were looking for.
  • Chadder McNadder
    it gets into conspiracy levels when you realize they stole his money, like they KNEW the money was there no doubt and they wanted it, theres no way they didnt know prematurely that it was afromans house and knew he would have money somewhere, i guess the entire nation paying them isnt enough
  • Cat Feathers
    This is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% a perfect example of the Streisand effect. I had no idea any of this had gone down until this video..

    Eta: zeros
    Eta: zeros
    Eta: moar zeros!!!
  • Jaxi
    Holy shit, i live about 5 minutes from fro and im glad this is getting the attention it deserves. Fro is such a genuine soul and is nice to everyone, he’s always down to take a pic with his supporters, and comes out to adams county’s fair every year just to talk with all the people who support him. Crooked ass cops won’t win this one
  • ricotta
    At 7:21 you can see all his kids’ drawings on the walls by the door. Crazy how he was accused of kidnapping when he obviously loves and cares for his kids. Very fortunate that they weren’t sitting at the table by the door when the cops busted in
  • It's insane that these cops traumatized this man and his family, damaged his property, and then had the AUDACITY to sue for EMOTIONAL DISTRESS. Absolute goober behavior. Afroman is an absolute OG and I hope the inevitable counter-suit is successful.
  • NOVA ScOoT
    I actually saw "will you help me repair my door" like 2 days or earlier after it was posted because I just so happened to be nostalgic for "crazy rap," and after listening to it I wanted to see what he was up to after all this time. Turns out he was up to this. Feel bad for the man, hope he and the sheriffs responsible for this get the justice they deserve.
  • Red
    Let’s be real that police station just wants to sue Afroman so they can buy a new tank and helicopter 😂
  • Nick Hernandez
    I appreciate you! Thank you for spreading the word on these crooked cops. Such a disgrace to society
  • Tinydancer
    Imagine invading someone’s property and then they get mad about him posting the footage from them invading his property and then crying about how it’s an invasion of their privacy…
  • This is so Streisand effect. I never heard of this entire situation until the police filed the lawsuit, and I'm not the only one. They're clowns.
  • Matty Chaz
    Nothing screams “we are doing the right things” quite like turning off the things recording your actions.
  • pagaans
    people probably wouldn't have recognized them on the street or anything from just the video
    so they go ahead and publicly put their names out with this lawsuit
    truly genius