If LINKIN PARK "One Step Closer" Was Made in 2023

Published 2023-02-06
How Linkin Park "One Step Closer" would sound if it was made in 2023
Stream "One Step Closer" (feat. Danny Case) here: smarturl.it/NikDannyLinkinPark
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All Comments (21)
  • @NikNocturnal
    UPDATE!! Surprisingly, a lot of people seemed to enjoy the CH0NKIFIED version of this classic so this version is now official available for streaming/download and features nonother than Danny Case of Ashes To New on vocals. Stream "One Step Closer" here: smarturl.it/NikDannyLinkinPark
  • @smokejc
    Meteora and Hybrid Theory are perfect albums.
  • @blodiapunch5943
    Bro, Linkin Park's first album is nearly perfect, bangers from start to finish.
  • @Tylerbazzle182
    You should totally have a competition for people to put vocals on your instrumental track😁
  • @thehooksman
    Nah, dude. This definitely needed to exist. Grab a vocalist and bring this cover to the fullness of its epic massiveness. Do it!
  • @Telesko
    This actually slaps, you gotta get Andy or someone you know to add the vocals and fully release it.
  • @simeondukov
    I played this with Chester's vocals on acapella and it sounded BRUTAL
  • @MD-ee2fq
    As someone who knows almost nothing about music im always very impressed when you emulate a whole band. How long did it take for you to make this?
  • @nessa_amo8077
    R.I.P Chester Bennington ❤ Linkin Park is and will always be one of my favorite bands. I will always cherish their music. It got me through tough times!
  • @AB69912
    I know that there are many people who hate other Linkin Park albums, but the versatility this band has, it’s just insane to even think about it. They can do any genre of music, and they have proved it!

    Meteora and Hybrid Theory are just awesome albums, but don’t forget about the meticulously crafted A Thousand Suns, or One More Light, the albums that really helped me through tough shit.

    Been a Linkin Park fan since 6 years, and will be a Linkin Park fan forever, and you did an amazing recreation of One Step Closer there, Nick.
  • @ars7374
    I think you would've killed the sing screaming! Would love to hear you do vocals on another LP song one day!
  • The Sing/Scream actually sounded dope. Also there are not many screamers that actually sound like having actually harmoniously pitched melodies in their harsh style scream ( I am talking about actual guttural / harsh screams, not the singscreams which usually involve distorted clean vocals, if you know what I mean).

    That is what In my mind actually sets screams from vocalists like Howard Jones apart from others. He sounds like his screams have an actually harmonious pitch that really fits the songs frequencies, instead of just sounding nasty.
  • This was so sick, would have been fire to get someone to do vocals since you werent feeling it LOL but it's still so heavy and glorious. I love these vids, they're always such a treat
  • @tylerh.2602
    I would love to see someone redo all of A Thousand Suns as a modern metal album. Even tho that album is probably the furthest divergence from their usual sound, it’s one of my favorites because I love the concept aspect of it and I love when bands experiment with other sounds. So it’d be fun to hear a more metal take on the album.
  • @xLeethaL
    Hybrid Theory is one of the best albums ever. Not one song is bad and all are bangers! One of those albums I can play from start to finish over and over! 🖤
  • @trs5127
    Nik's happiness everytime he realises that his choices to make the riffs different actually work is contagious. You can see he's a happy boy working on a track he loves and it has such a charm to the video. Love to see it!
  • Glad you started getting vocalists on these tracks. Its really good, just needed that extra. Love the new "in the style of" stuff
  • @perpetualleakage
    Can't help but compulsively sing to it while listening. I just can't believe I still remember the lyrics after all these years.
  • If Linkin Park ever do another Reanimation album I pray they reach out to you to get a feature on it, this was 🔥🔥🔥👌