Star Wars Outlaws: Official Gameplay Showcase | Ubisoft Forward

Published 2024-06-10
Watch the new Game Overview trailer, featuring exciting new locations you can explore, and the high-risk jobs you can take on in Star Wars Outlaws.

Coming August 30th, 2024. Play up to 3 days early with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass.

Pre-order now and receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack including cosmetics for your speeder and The Trailblazer starship!*

With the pre-order bonus, receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack* including:
- A cosmetic pack for your speeder.
- A cosmetic for your starship, The Trailblazer.

*Offer, content, and dates subject to change. Content may be available for purchase and/or as giveaway(s) separately at Ubisoft’s sole discretion at any time.

All Comments (21)
  • @almond5917
    It's crazy how Ubisoft has garnered a reputation that, no matter how good the game looks, people will never fully trust it.
  • @CasualCrab
    Starfield is like….how did you not have 6 loading screens within your ship?
  • @pointy8pointy
    from the bar to getting into the ship and taking off Starfield wouldve had like 5 loading screens lol
  • @TheStormCave
    I love how everyone unanimously agreed to be cautiously optimistic just because it’s Ubisoft
  • @sw-gs
    It looks... surprisingly... good?
  • @XarkoCZ
    Remember Ubisoft games NEVER look like they do in their gameplay trailers. The game will be severly downgraded for release. They've been doing this for years.
  • A Star Wars game where you can actually pilot a spaceship in space? I’m sold
  • @Zyntex
    I'm intrigued, but cautiously optimistic
  • @Odyssey208
    I want to play it so badly, but something tells me to be cautious 😂
  • This genuinely looks so sick. I understand everyone’s hesitation with them being partnered with Ubisoft, but you cannot say that this doesn’t look like a great Star Wars game for everything we have seen so fat
  • Noticed the invisible loading screen for landing on a planet cover , a nice touch instead of a visible transition.
  • @merked408
    "We will watch your career with great interest..."
  • @Calinks
    Can't wait until the second act reveal when Nix shows himself to be a Sith Lord and brutally betrays the main character scaring them for all time.
  • @Hadouken88
    Looking forward to picking up the full version for twenty bucks after all the DLC is released and is remastered for PS6 in 2027.
  • @owenleal
    This reminds me of the gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs back in the day...
  • @316CodeRed
    Love that the HUD doesn’t take up too much space!
  • @kaoticfox
    Damnit. Starfield take note on how seamless the landing and take offs are
  • @jamesg871
    Don't pre-order people. There is LITERALLY no reason at all anymore. Pre-ordering in the 90's was to guarantee you had a copy of the game at the local store to pick up on opening night.