Ranking Every Paldea Pokemon I Could Beat Up

Published 2022-12-11
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A Pokemon tier list ranking every generation 9 Pokemon I could beat in a fight!
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrKingDice827
    I feel like Greavard would be able to kill anyone without trying, that’s like it’s whole thing
  • @Anime-Doom
    As somebody who has been beaten up by a dolphin (and yes, that actually happened) I approve of Finizen and Palafin being put into the "no chance in hell" category.
  • @PuppetDude2008
    Tinkatons Hammer is 220 pounds in weight, much bigger than the player's model with the hammer size alone, and its special move Gigaton hammer does 160 damage, It even uses it to knock Corvaknight out of the sky and use its metal for its hammer. Tinkaton would not only punt you to the moon, but would punt you into Neptune's orbit. You would stand no chance.
  • @mariokarter13
    You cannot defeat Tandemaus/Mousehold. They will outbreed you until they can take you down like a Pikmin boss.
  • @youwotboi9288
    For all its goofyness, I do wanna point out that Clodsire weighs 220 kg/~480 lbs(that's what adult grizzly bears and sport motorcycles weigh like).And remember it can easily hop around on it lumpy little limbs like there is no tomorrow. So while it isn't necessarily an apex predator, we regular people would struggle to roll it over, much less get it off us if it wants to eat us, especially with the mouth this absloute unit has.
  • @Exquailibur
    Dudunsparce is like 11 feet long and can drill through stone with its tail. I dont think you can defeat it.
  • The tumbleweed pokemon has an ability that makes it immune to wind attacks. Which means it would just sit there.
  • @garreonlefay6703
    "Not only beating me up but also mocking me"
    I think "Not only beating me up but Styling on me" works better to describe what Quaquaval would do
    Also, Tatsugiri ends you because they are always with a Dondozo
  • @gengarzilla1685
    For Fidough and Dachsbun, it's not a question of "can you punt them to the moon". It's "do you want to punt them to the moon".
  • I used Flamigo for my playthrough and mine was really strong and I do not think it's above kicking you in the balls. This has been my one sentence defending my favorite member of my Violet team.
  • @taphappyfeet
    Quaxwell is a ballet dancer. He stands in 5th position and jetés to attack. Ballet dancers are incredibly strong and flexible. It should at least be in probably.
  • @pooppooper9033
    Tatsugiri lure in their prey by pretending to be sushi.
    So the fact that you think you can easily beat them is exactly what they want.

    Tinkaton’s hammer weighs 220 pounds.
    Tinkaton weighs 248 pounds. It’s unclear if it’s weight includes the hammer, but either way it can swing the thing easily.

    And as for Tinkatuff: those things hunt groups of Pawniard and Bisharp by themselves.

    You’re also definitely right about not being able to beat Palaphin. The dex says it can hold a cruise ship with one fin.
  • "I don't know if you've ever seen an ostrich, or an emu but it doesn't look like something I could beat up."
    The Australians would agree with this sentiment.
  • I feel like cetoddle would come up to John out of curiosity and he could just roll it down the mountain
  • @the_godbodor7026
    Dudunsparce’s move Hyper Drill breaks protect moves, so you can’t defend yourself at all against it
  • @0mega717
    Just to add a little emphasis to the sheer horror that is Tinkaton, it’s Violet entry states that its hammer weighs about 220 lbs. Keep in mind that Tinkaton as a whole weighs somewhere around 242 lbs. And it swings the hammer with ease.
  • @mrh8142
    Ginger "attacking" John was adorable
  • @WaterDelan
    I think Quaxwell could actually beat a lot of people, as it learns AQUA CUTTER, which if you’ve seen Rob Lucci feom One Piece, turning your literal hand/wing into a WEAPON is… dangerous.
  • @Gingerperson1234
    I think John forgot that chest form gimmighoul has no moves he needs to be concerned about, as he could probably just step to the side and dodge the attack