Why Do The Eldar Call Humans Mon-keigh? #warhammer40k #majorkill

Published 2023-03-25
The Eldar always call humans Mon-keigh.. but probably not for the reason you expect

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  • @ianl1253
    "You saved me... Why?" "Mmm, mon'keigh."
  • @midgetydeath
    Eldar: “You are barbaric savages!” Humans: “…Slaanesh.”
  • "Despite making up less than 15% of craftworld populations, mon'keigh make up over 50% of all violent crimes" Eldar craftworld crime statistics,40100
  • @BlareWolfgang
    “It’s just a coincidence… you dirty monkeys” -Space Elves probably
  • "We used to call every dumb and destructive species Mon'keigh. Then we met you." That's a roast and a half.
  • Tyranids aren't at least racist. Everyone is food to them. Edit: since this seemed to spark a debate in the comments, let me put some to rest: 1. Yes, Orks are racist. They think grots and snotlings are lesser creatures to them. 2. Yeah, chaos can't be eaten, but can still be fought off and destroyed. Think an alpha predator dealing with some sickness or affliction. 3. On the daemons of Nurgle, and more specifically the fight between the death guard and Lotann, the planet was a MIX of Tyranid and Nurglite toxins, resulting in something more powerful than the sum of its parts, so it's not as if "Nurgle's daemons=no food" for the nids, Lotann just pulled a stunt that didn't work out for the fleet, and if met with most Nurglite diseases, they would probably adapt past it.
  • @JimmyMcBimmy
    Well, more accurately -- GW writers DID mean "monkey" as a sort of joke, but they invented another origin for the term because it makes no sense that the Eldar would know that word.
  • @Dr_Weirdoo
    Eldar: we beat your civilization at its height Guardsman: well at least I am not getting sodomized for eternity when I die
  • "humans are so barbaric WE are the true Superior race in the galaxy!" Meanwhile the eldar 5 mins ago: litteraly rapes a god of degeneracy into existence
  • the eldar might've lasted long but they partied so hard they birthed a chaos god
  • @SomeRamenDude
    Eldar: “mon’keigh!” Orks: “umans, git’s, knife ear, da bot boys, da bugs, stompy hits, and da fish boys. All of them are gits!”
  • The eldar saying they “beat them all”. Meanwhile the necrons: Let’s just sleep them off, I can’t be fucked dealing with literal space elves
  • Eldar: your race is barbaric! Human: you guys raped, druged, and murdered a chaos god into existence.
  • @Laucron
    "we beat you during your so called golden age" "got any source on that?" "I summoned from the warp"
  • @Kurgash1
    When a Necron calls you a barbarian it’s the highest form of insult among their kind. Most of the time you’re just insects or beneath their gaze where they don’t acknowledge you.
  • Eldar: "You humans are barbaric" Humans: "Put your hands up if you didn't rape a horror god of rape into existence by being the ultimate degenerates" Humans, Tau, Necron, Orks, Tyranids: Raise hand
  • @BioClone
    Eldar: You are pathetic Imperial Guard: Is that your mom's jewelry? Eldar: VANISHES IN WEBWAY
  • @midgetydeath
    Imagine the Emperor's reaction to first discovering that Space Orks and Space Elves actually exist.
  • @Korovkin_Pavel
    Imperium diplomatic school -Who knows how to say "Oh, we fucked up" in eldari? -It's "S_L_A......