Why Do The Eldar Call Humans Mon-keigh? #warhammer40k #majorkill

Published 2023-03-25
The Eldar always call humans Mon-keigh.. but probably not for the reason you expect

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All Comments (21)
  • Eternalvibe
    Tyranids aren't at least racist. Everyone is food to them.
  • Ian L
    "You saved me... Why?"

    "Mmm, mon'keigh."
  • Titanium_Viper
    Other fantasy settings: I like the Elves, they're neat.

    WH40k: Hell nah, fuck them Elves. 💀💀💀
  • TundralWhisper
    "We used to call every dumb and destructive species Mon'keigh. Then we met you."

    That's a roast and a half.
  • Dman
    That’s rich since the eldar’s barbarism basically directly caused every bad thing in the 40k universe from their bloody drug fueled orgies.
  • midgetydeath
    Eldar: “You are barbaric savages!”
    Humans: “…Slaanesh.”
  • Soffren
    Head canon:
    Those ancient ones who enslaved Eldar were in fact humans.
  • BioClone
    Eldar: You are pathetic
    Imperial Guard: Is that your mom's jewelry?
  • Enzo Duval
    the eldar might've lasted long but they partied so hard they birthed a chaos god
  • Focus Support pls
    Eldar child : I'm gonna say the M word
    Vulkan : Don't you dare
    Elder child : Imma say it
    Vulkan : Don't you fuc-
    Eldar child : M O N K E I G H
    Vulkan : Cleanses the world with fire and flame
  • Hardbass Doge
    "humans are so barbaric WE are the true Superior race in the galaxy!"
    Meanwhile the eldar 5 mins ago: litteraly rapes a god of degeneracy into existence
  • N. Henzler
    The aeldari have weird psychic powers, love wearing boney armor adorned with rounded gems, call inferior species "monkeys," and horde planets entirely on speculation.

    Conclusion: Frieza is an Eldar. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  • Carl He
    The eldar probably enjoyed that humies got so triggered by the mon'keigh moniker that they stuck with it
  • IS-2 Heavy Tank
    Eldar: your race is barbaric!

    Human: you guys raped, druged, and murdered a chaos god into existence.
  • Zer0d00d
    Tsundere Eldar: I used to call every stupid destructive species Mon'Keigh, until I met you senpai~
    Humanity: Uh... thanks?
    Tsundere Eldar: I-it's not like I think you're the pinnacle of ignorant brutality or anything, baka!
  • Colonel Six
    >eldar yells to a space marine
    >"Stupid Mon'keigh!"
    >immediately eviscerated by bolter fire
  • The trigger word for the eldar is knife ear and the trigger word for league of Votann is short
  • Big Boss Pugh
    Why do the Eldar aka aeldari call humans Mon-Keigh? Simple:

    Aeldari: Warp powerful beings with the ability to see parts of the future. Capable of moving so fast it looks like dancing and have feelings so strong that the universe is viewed differently through their mind and eyes. Able to experience all types of highs and lows through touch, taste, smell etc and had an empire that expand all throughout the known universe plus learned all the secrets of the warp. Overall: Super Being.

    Human: Vicious, head strong, capable and willing. Unable to handle some horrors of the galaxy and can adapt to many new environments. Various empires across the galaxy under the Imperial Creed and Imperial Leadership. Overall: Mon-Keigh aka Monkey.