Ozzy Man Reviews: Eddie Hall vs Neffati Brothers - 2 vs 1 World Freak Fight League

Published 2024-06-10

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  • @petoperceptum
    The closest you can legally get to finding out how many children a normal guy can fight.
  • @TehOak
    “POWERBOMB! DESTINATION FUCKED!” Had me in tears 🤣
  • @downtownnikka
    “Size doesn’t matter” Said the Keyboard fighters.
  • You know you're screwed when the guy you're fighting is using you as a weapon against the other guy he's fighting.
  • @Reofenja
    Calling this a fight is generous. These brothers were running from death for the entire match.
  • @azynkron
    This is like a gladiator fighting two village idiots. Outcome is pretty much determined, but it's still entertaining.
  • 3:00 Man picked up a man and threw him like he was a feather. And then knocked him out cold. JESUS.
  • After this event, one could easily tell those twins apart. There's that normal one and then there's the one with a dent in his face.
  • I have literally never seen something more dominant than stopping and checking with the ref before going back to destroying a mans soul
  • @rotora2520
    "He's like a very angry dad!" I can't stop crying on the floor xD
  • @xgreenjacket
    Their strategy was obvs to try and get him to run after them and wear himself out. They knew they were fucked 10 secs in 😂
  • @sofnsad
    2 fluffy pomeranians fighting a bear....
  • "Even Eddie's nipple is bigger than both of them" 😂😂
  • @sh1tkid
    They running like eddie is a lion or a bear 😂😂😂😂😂
  • @ZachJ6
    I watched Eddie throw that one guy in the air at least 10 times. That shit is hilarious
  • @Abc-kf4qx
    “The one who’s mobile and conscious has to go back in…” 🤣🤣🤣
  • @saragraphics
    Nah not the way Eddie threw that guy like he weighed as much as a sheet of paper 😭😭😭😭