This track is 20 years ahead of it's time

Published 2023-03-27
Listening and playing through the new Linkin Park song "Fighting Myself"
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All Comments (21)
  • I still regret to not see Linkin Park live 😢😢, i wish i saw them live
  • @WickedSnazzy
    Linkin Park
    Metal or Not they are Goated. They’re Rock Metal in the heart! And idc what anyone says
  • I'll never forget the day Chester passed. My old band had a practice scheduled and we all showed up without really saying a word. We had never practiced it as a band but our guitarist started playing the intro to numb. Then our bassist joined in. Our drummer. Then my co vocalist and I performed the entire song by memory, and it to this day still feels special, Like there was a different energy in the room when it came over us. RiP Chester. You inspired millions
  • @El_Bellota
    You didn't ruin it Nik, it's kinda cool how you just improvise and it adds an extra layer.
  • The "Chester falsetto vocals", the backwards sounding thing is actually Mike! And it's not actually backwards. They are messing with us so hard 😂
  • @visionx9131
    Not gonna lie but Linkin Park saved my life. They will always be one of my favourite metal band.
  • @DeepDarkBoys
    Always love when modern musicians pay credence to these guys. They were my gateway to metal, and they'll always be my favorite band.
  • @omegapwnZZ
    This song has big “Faint” vibes! So refreshing to have that same feel and sound released now. RIP Chester ❤
  • @SuomenPaska
    One of the reason I love Linkin Park and Rammstein (not really the same genre I know) is because of the simple yet incredibly tasty riffs in their songs. It just works.
  • @sebomba
    Hey Nik, I just wanted to let you know that today a big rock radio station in my country (Austria) played your Rammstein song, "Nein!". I was hugely surprised and it really made my day. Keep doing what you're doing, it seems to be working ;)
  • @leerobbo92
    Bands have been trying to recreate this sound for 20 years, whether it's the guitar tone, Chester's vocals, the groove, the dynamics or the seamless Nu Metal blend. Turns out Linkin Park's cutting room floor has more bangers than most. Crazy how much they perfected this sound while basically being one of the first to do it.
  • @johngutierrez940
    The riff is so dang good and fat. The lyrics are so good.. I have had it on repeat a lot the last few days to make up for not having it the last 20 years
  • @seansandison579
    saw Linkin Park on the Meteora tour, they were needless to say excellent, wished I had seen them again but it wasn't to be
  • @codythomssen9337
    Meteora was the 1st album I bought and it changed my music taste forever. I didnt realize till recently how much LP led me to bands like ERRA and invent Animate today. Hearing more of this album 20 years later is mind blowing.
  • @normalguy144
    I have fallen in love with this song. Lost was good but this song is the perfect 2000s throwback, yet still feels new and exciting.
  • @CJ-hq6zz
    This just kicks so much ass dude...I feel like a young,stupid 2000s ish teen again.

    Chester,you will never be forgotten.

    Much love from a random metalhead from Uzbekistan 🤘🏼🇺🇿🤘🏼
  • @milkysponge3318
    This Song reflects exactly what I loved so much about Linkin Park back in the days and what they were missing past MtM. This is really really good Old Hybrid Theory/Meteora stuff
  • @dallasrockwell
    As a guitar player, I enjoy the guitar reactions. It’s like a reaction video and a tutorial in one. Rick Beato often plays along in his reactions so it’s nice to see you doing it too!
  • @ethanmonahan960
    I feel like this song and lost were a great way of in a way showing the spectrum of meteora honestly. Lost was on the more emotional side ( like maybe numb breaking the habit )and fighting myself was in the more upbeat side (like faint or somewhere I belong ) at least in terms of sound . Get why they may have not made the cut originally but still could see where they fit in now .
  • @djddddddd518