Catch The Right Size Pokemon To Win

Published 2022-12-21
Whoever catches the Pokemon closest to the randomly picked height wins!
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All Comments (21)
  • @MandJTVPlays
    I will never forget how shell shocked we were for this recording. This felt crazier than finding shinies
  • @aandyy4791
    I feel like I could watch you two doing literally anything and still be entertained just by your friendship and banter.
  • @cobaltprime9467
    Can I just say Shiny Scizor in this game looks perfect. The metallic look in this generation is noice.
  • @zacharygate9842
    It was so funny when Michael measured himself in the real world. However, nothing in the video will be as hilarious as Jahn and Michael getting 4 ties at 6'9.
  • @Onlinejob8
    the fact that Garchomp is only 6’3 is incredibly insane to me. I’ve never looked at garchomp and thought it was anything less than 8-10 feet tall
  • @Obi-Wan_Kenobi
    I would love it if someone actually calculated the probability of getting Pokmon of the same height 3 rounds in a row.
  • Mikey and John constantly capturing pokémon with the same height went from "funny" to "mind-blowing impressive" pretty quick.
  • @peterrealar2.067
    QOTD: Wingull. Easiest answer. Also, the CONSTANT matching of heights was down right INCREDIBLE.
  • @BlasphemyBaby
    I did not expect this challenge to be an emotional ride, but it was, and I have no regrets.
  • @LagrimaArdiente
    This season had some absolutely phenomenal episodes, but the hilarity, confoundness and adrenaline of this specific episode remains unmatched, IMO.
  • QOTD - There is obviously only one Pokémon that could be called John Michael. The amazing Pokémon found in the depths of the Grand Underground. The elusive, John Michael. WINGULL😂
  • @kirakotobuki9195
    I forgot that I used to own pokemon marbles as a kid until John showed off his. It felt so nostalgic seeing them again. ^^
  • The fact they tied 5 times in a row on the best height made this video instantly one of the best in the series
  • @AstonJMusique
    I think the Pokémon to be named John Michael is Sawsbuck. When doing these challenges Michael starts in the Summer Form, during the challenge gets a little frustrated, being Fall Form, then get mad, being Winter Form, then if he starts winning, he become a little more happy, being Spring Form. With John he starts in Summer Form, and Stays there. Kind of like some Southern States of North America.
  • @ms.dreavus2446
    I love how you all take something as mundane as Pokémon height and turn it into one of the most entertaining videos ever. This has to be one of the best ones yet, I was full on screaming by the end! 😂
  • @sergeantstinker
    The full odds shiny encounters are crazy in this game! I have a theory that in both Legends Arceus and S/V there is at least one shiny on the map at any given time and it's just a matter of whether you happen to come across it. Tested it numerous times in Arceus and found a shiny nearly every time I went out into an area, and I have also found so many FOS playing Violet I can't help but wonder if I'm onto something!
  • @everetangel8286
    The fact that Avalugg is 6'7" and John would've won is absolutely hilarious.
  • @rptrplayz192
    I love how mickry keeps catching pokemon that are 3'11 as this is Mickeys actual height
  • This is, without a doubt, one of the craziest JMC episodes of all time. I can't stop laughing 😂
  • @mightyandray7260
    Right now, I’m not in the best condition. I feel horrible physically but not mentally because of you. You Jon, Mikey you guys have entertained me for a long time and I just want to say thank you for the great videos you work so hard to give us.