stop hiring awkwafina and bring back real voice actors 🐦

Published 2024-06-10
for the vast majority of animation's history, professional voice actors were hired to bring the characters to life. but in the 21st century that's changed, with celebrities being cast instead for their name recognition to be used as a marketing tactic. this has resulted in chris pratt, james corden, jack black, and awkwafina dominating the voice acting industry, although i'd argue that they aren't always the best choice for the role. in today's video, i break down why i think hollywood should make a return to hiring professional voice actors for animated movies.

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  • @me1onade
    jack black is the only one i absolutely never will mind voicing a character
  • Part of it for me isn't even that Awkwafina gets cast so often; it's that she never switches it up. Either she has to start challenging herself, or the directors have to start telling her that she has to stop practicing stand up when it's time to get in the booth. Not every single character she plays HAS to be a comedian
  • @shay5479
    Fun Fact, Awkwafina was almost casted for the role of Joy in Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • I gotta admit—I really like the idea of voice acting for old time stars who are still around, such as Eartha Kit who voiced Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove. I think it’s a nice way for an elderly professional to keep on acting when maybe doing a live action role would require considerably higher physical demands for them .
  • @marblejar786
    Someone said Awkwafina has the voice of a 8 year old chain smoker and it's hard to disagree
  • If I yell a lot and strain my voice, I can sound like Aquafina’s evil male doppelgänger: Dasani.
  • @FaithBetta
    I’m so glad that someone finally said it! I’m so sick of every single “quirky” character being voiced by the same person
  • The thing is, most kids won’t even realize or care that famous actors are voicing those roles, so why not just give us good voice acting!!
  • @pixienaeeeee
    tom hanks being basically the entire main cast in The Polar Express is honestly one of the few special exceptions
  • @Crocheter1
    Awkwafina ruined Raya for me. I would've loved that movie without her and with making the dragon a little more serious
  • @qwertyshblong
    there’s better voice actors on youtube reading tumblr posts than any recent animation
  • actually so sick of seeing awkwafina in these movies to play "quirky" characters!!!
  • It's like someone sent out a memo that says, " Jack Black, Awkwafina, and Chris Pratt must be in every new movie to voice act at a mediocre level!"... Well execpt Jack, he's actually pretty decent at voice acting Edit: Thanks to you all for the support Edit 2: Alright I want to clear the air by saying, I don't think Chris Pratt is a bad dude or a bad actor, but the roles that he has done in the Voice acting buisness could've been light years better if they hired a better person, Chris is not a very good VA but his work in GOTG shows me he's at least a good on-screen actor
  • Professional voice actors never use their normal voice when they act, while Awkwafina is doing the exact opposite.
  • @Robynhoodlum
    I thought I was crazy for thinking this! I feel like the best voice actors are the ones you don’t recognize until you see the credits because they’re JUST THAT TALENTED and actually have range!
  • @ChaoticMushy
    One thing I absolutely hate about celebrity voice acting is that 1. Most of them are just not voice actors, they don't know what the hell they're doing And 2. Whenever they make tv series for the movies, they have to change the cast anyway and use real voice actors because hiring the celebrity is too expensive. Which leads to weird voice changes
  • @kamsismith
    In addition to Awkwafina, James Corden too as he’s in not only in a few animated movies but in every single live-action musical.
  • They've slowly begun to replace proper voice actors with celebrities in games, too. Which is a shame, since finally games are at the level of immersiveness and storytelling-level I've been dreaming of since childhood, and now immersion will be hindered by a phoned-in performance of an a-list actor not suited for voice acting. And sometimes not even an actor, but an influencer or a streamer. Just so the marketing team will have their schtick.
  • @almazanriley
    Like back then it shocked me hearing the voice actors talk during interviews cause I was like “Wow it’s like the characters voice is coming out of them.” But now seeing so many actors gaining popularity and getting these voice acting roles, when I watch a movie with a character I say now, “Oh that’s definitely her/him voice, I recognize her/him voice.” Which just ruins my vibe of the movie no matter if they did it good or not.