Untold Truth (A.I. Listener) (50.7 Million Human Listeners) (Human Speaker) (Mission Completed)

Published 2024-03-23
Why? Why would they do this to the people on their ships? This is inhuman, and Glitch is going along with it? Why is D.V.X.85 is doing this? They are truly monsters.

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D.V.X.85 (Human Speaker)
Glitch (A.I. Listener)
50.7 Million Humans (Human Listeners)
People of Earth (Everyone is a Listener)
Artwork: Midjourney from Discord.
SFX: Pixabay.com.
Apps: Video Maker, Power Director, and Easy Voice Recorder.

Copyright November 2023 - March 2024 for the "Ocean Of Stars" series is made and produced by Shaun Denard Pugh from Houston, TX. Any use of this series must be made known to the creator.

This was one fits perfectly well and I love how it all comes together. Yall enjoy and leave your comments. Stay blessed and happy. And yes, I am aware that I said "3 billion" instead of "50.7 million" but I was drained and tired making this. But, I fixed the amount in my later audios for the series.

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