Impossible Who's That Pokemon Catching Challenge

Published 2022-07-30
We play who's that Pokemon and then try to catch the correct Pokemon to win!
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All Comments (21)
  • @PM7
    All of my guesses should have been different Pokemon wearing hats
  • @MandJTV
    still salty he got freakin' Gastly with a hat
  • @bannlesshow
    Mikey’s the logical one, so pairing him with such an illogical concept is amazing.
  • Watching John be constantly cheerful while Mikey slowly loses his mind and has to hype himself up to keep going at all is a hilarious dichotomy. Mikey's wrong, this is so entertaining I could watch it all day
  • @maxl4905
    Them both yelling "Are you kidding me" or something of the sort at the same time when they get it wrong for the magikarp is just so Goldeen (pun intended) and I love it
  • It makes since Mikey would still do things like this because he doesn't have to worry about editing or a deadline and just take it easy and have funny with a friend.
  • @trulyunknowable
    Mikey sort of predicted Sandy Shocks with the Magnezone guess for the Stonjourner round. Kudos to you, Mikey
  • Mikey’s “it’s a fucking Beyblade” it’s absolutely hilarious & clearly Mikey has given up all hope 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • @LexiClaire
    I love that they had an entire competition and the only right answer on either side was Gastly in a hat.
  • @mooshie3273
    It’s so great seeing these two together. They have such great chemistry (in terms of friendship)❤️Hope Mikey is having a great break!
  • @treehugger0241
    The synchronized reactions to the Dewpider sprite being Feesh in a robotic bowl was perfection. XD
  • "I guessed Ghastly with a Hat" is sure to be Jon's new retort whenever someone doubts him, and I hope many future guests have no context for why that is. XD
  • @lipika2841
    I love how Mikey questioned this at the beginning- "Is this gonna be an interesting video at all?" You betcha! Its not only entertaining but it also became my favorite John Michael Cup video. Video all around was very funny & I laughed a lot.
    My favourite moments-
    0:50-1:01 when Mikey realizes that this isn't gonna be so straightforward, & both of 'em ended up having a good laugh, wholesome fun
    2:12 surprisingly good use of this silothuette to hide a relatively forgettable Pkmn, you love to see it
    5:04 Gastly with a hat
    8:11-8:34 Oh these are so stupid & I kinda love it. If I were to be playing this, I'd be frustrated too. Because how are you supposed to be getting these right? Its so unbelievably unfair. I definitely understand their pain, but this makes for good content though. 🤣
    11:32-11:45 its a f**king beyblade; 13:30
  • We need a sequel to this. This is one of the best laughs I've had in weeks.
  • @BlueSodaPop_
    Mikey's initial reaction to the first reveal gave me so many happy chemicals, you guys laughing together always makes my day!
  • Only Michael could forget the word for "aquarium", make up a new word based on the root words, and end up arriving on the correct word again 😆
  • This is just John going on a wild ride while Mikey gets progressively saltier in the corner.
  • It’s hilarious the amount of times they said something in synch throughout this video. I choose to believe it’s not clever editing but rather a testament to how much time Mikey and John have spent together on calls for these awesome collabs.
  • My favorite part of this video was mistaking the Kyogre silhouette for a Carnivine at first and being accidentally right
  • It's nice seeing these two have fun playing Pokémon together, Hope Mikey is having a nice break.