I played 1 Souls-Like game you've never heard of

Published 2024-05-11
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bonus episode of Steam Dumpster Diving with somehow, once again, even more "souls-likes" you (probably) haven't heard of

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Vaati for co-oping with me:@VaatiVidya
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0:00 intro
2:44 The Last Oricru
1:58:23 Outro

games played (in order of appearance)

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  • @VaatiVidya
    For the past year I thought this game was a bizarre fever dream, now I find out it was actually real?
  • @Trio3224
    You can hear Vaati taking mental damage every time there's dialogue.
  • @serluc5038
    please please please more longer content with vaati. this trainwreck was truly something special to watch.
  • @Meitti
    This plot is on the level of Neil Breen films. Just screams of a clueless main developer making a self-insert game.
  • @Terszel
    Kind of wild to hear the line "I'm not a racist, but..." in a fantasy sci fi rpg
  • @RazAnime
    I CANNOT believe that someone wrote into the story "and then the hero stops a war by arguing for his enlightened worldview and concludes that he should marry the queen" which then everyone immediately agrees to, then the hero gets to jump into bed with the queen, being told he is the ruler now, and immediately signs Feminism into law, earning the claps of every enlightened being in the universe. That is the MOST REDDITOR WRITING I HAVE EVER SEEN I LOVE IT
  • Going from hearing Vaati's sophisticated and soothing voice on his channel to now hearing him sound so apathetic and fed-up over this video game, is such a funny turn around. Props to him for being so patient for IP.
  • I love their decision to have the MC just agree to do whoever the last person they talked to asked them to do. They basically just became "Yes-man" from New Vegas lol
  • @BizarreM
    The dynamic duo of Vaati being the bored, easily annoyed guy who just wants to get through this as quick as possible and Pine being an optimistic guy who sees the best in the game and assumes everything is working as it should be is what made this video for me. Honestly it's like watching Squidward and Spongebob interact with each other.
  • @bennelson6207
    The idea of a character who's just afraid to say no to someone and just does whatever the last person asked him to is hilarious
  • 17:28 I actually think that's a hilarious concept. It's like Two-Face from Batman where he leaves everything up to the toss of a coin, but he leaves his decision up to the zingers. If he can think of a fun one-liner, he'll do it. If he can't think of one, he doesn't do it.
  • @MrKoalabeere
    I cant belive I watched a 2 hour video about such a game and was entertained the whole time. Its also funny that the Big Illvar rap video gave you more lore about Illver than the entire rest of the game because you just disregarded his questline but at the end just descided for his ending.
  • @ClaeFace
    I love IP’s contented “I actually kind of like this,” followed immediately by Vaati’s genuine discomfort
  • Ratinity = Humanity, as in the collective noun for the entire race. "Let the blood flow for all ratinity" It's dumb lmao
  • @zach7
    Honestly I love that Ilvar and the broken are completely missed and the only explanation we got in this video is cause they somehow avoided that entire faction. So the Rap is our only lore source here. That he was the one creating monsters to overthrow things to try and get the ship back together so he can leave. Also he's an alien who isn't human or anything and has lived here for the entirety of the fucking history of this planet? I like how there was another human character who was never encountered and somehow "GOK" disappeared from the plot but the post credits scene says he killed the queen, which must have been done quickly considering the ship just nuked the planet. Honestly, if it could have been kinda alright but I'm kinda glad it's janky. this was fucking amazing to watch.
  • @guest273
    01:40:29 - xD Big Ilvars chair scraping the walls, like I CANT! xD That's too good!
  • "I'm no assassin....They don't call me the Exterminator for nothing!" Peak writing.
  • Ship: “don’t trust anyone” Proceeds to trust the last person they talked to
  • I kid you not, the "coiled up sausage" is literally a type of italian sausage called "luganega".
  • 1:49:22 Roxy Clark voice of None Manager - " OK so we hired you to be a voice actor(ess) " Roxy - " That is correct " Manager - " But due to some script changes the NPC you voiced gets killed off-screen before they have a chance to speak " Roxy - " ok... what other NPC would you like me to voice? " Manager - " No other voiced NPCs will be necessary. " Roxy - " ... You guys already paid me to voice 3 NPCs" Manager - " They all end up dead before saying a single word " Roxy - " ... " Manager - " Don't worry I'm sure we'll think of some way to show your contribution "