Fables and Folktales: Shippeitaro

Published 2023-03-24
A classical tale of adventure, excitement, and a REALLY GOOD DOG

Our content is intended for teenage audiences and up.

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All Comments (21)
  • Sam
    I love how the dog isn't particularly magical or anything, it's just a good boy.
  • AtarahDerek
    The fact that in his quest for adventure, he was willing to put the goodest boi on a heroic pedestal over himself just makes him a wholesome hero.
  • American Pidgeot
    Declaring a cacophonous choir of cats suddenly vanishing at the end of the midnight hour a "tomorrow problem" is such a mood though
  • Matthew Spencer
    Hero: We saved the day
    Village: All praise the dog
    Hero: I'm okay with this, he's earned it
  • Hip2besquare 6
    “Someones been a very good boy!”
    “Is it me?”
    This is simply incredible
  • Wolf Gang
    we need a "Shippeitaro and the Young Man" series of just these two helping people and defeating monsters in simple and straightforward manner
    The fact that you went out of your way to depict Shippeitaro as either a Shiba-Inu or an Akita-Inu makes me unreasonably happy.
  • kastanimates
    3:28 Can we just all appreciate this magnificent piece of art? The obvious inspiration of traditional japanese art merged with Red's typical style is fantastic!
  • R'atoh
    4:48 This is probably the single greatest thing you have ever drawn... Can we have a pin with Shippeitaro, pretty please?
  • WormsDontHaveEyes
    “Sir, I need to borrow your dog for some incredible heroics!”
    “Yeah, he IS the most incredible little boy, isn’t he!”
  • Kathrina Avery
    The boss cat being a nekomata is utter perfection. I audibly went "hell yeah" when I saw that second tail.
  • Moodyman90
    Can't help but come up with a demystified version of the story where some guy was just traveling, took shelter for the night in a shrine and a bunch of feral cats wouldn't shut up, so he angerly went to the closest village, kept asking if they had a dog he could borrow, went back to the shrine, chased all the cats away that night, came back to the village and went "Hopefully they won't be a problem anymore."
  • Nicole Bee
    I wonder if this story was written by someone who had a dog they REALLY loved and now they’re immortalised
  • The bgm made me remember i literally studied Shinto and Japanese mythology JUST FOR INUYASHA to get the references. It was totally worth it.
    To be fair, memorized some hieroglyphs and bought Egyptian mythology picture books just for Yugioh. Anime was my gateway drug to mythology.
  • Addison Hamilton
    i just rewatched the og iliad video, and its amazing to me how much red has improved, in art, in storytelling, and (although she didnt start doing it right away) even as a singer/musician for the outros. She was always good but now she's awesome . Thank you for the years of content
  • Runa Shadow
    I love the last image of doggo blehping with fire in his eyes and the word justice appearing was pure gold.
  • Valtteri Pennanen

    "I am the bestest best good boi who will deserve all the treats you got or otherwise I start being fucking dramatic ex-theatre kid who is definitely not BI"
    -Shiba inus and huskies.
  • Jack Linde
    It's funny that Red opened up the video talking about being in an action adventure story. My department has a monthly work meeting that ends with one of the staff asking the group a non-work related question. This weeks work question was, "What TV show would you like to live in as a character." My answer was, "Oh, heck no! Not most of the stuff I watch" for this very reason. My answer was "Shows like Mayberry, Leave It To Beaver, The Dick Van Dike Show, Newhart, Cheers, etc." where This "There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet" isn't the weekly scenario. (Thank you, Men In Black)
  • Hungrydegree318
    I love the way the dog gets a name and the guy just is nameless. The priority of who wrote the story was in the right place. 🐕😂
  • Ellie
    "everything changes when he reaches the foothill of an extremely scary-looking mountain!"
    oh don't worry, i'm sure Sun Wukong already cleared it out.