Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory {Deluxe Edition} [Full Album] (HQ)

Published 2021-10-13
Linkin Park's debut studio album. Originally released on October 24, 2000. This is a Deluxe Version that was released in 2013.

Track List:

1 - Papercut 0:00
2 - One Step Closer 03:04
3 - With You 05:40
4 - Points Of Authority 09:03
5 - Crawling 12:23
6 - Runaway 15:52
7 - By Myself 18:56
8 - In The End 22:06
9 - A Place For My Head 25:42
10 - Forgotten 28:47
11 - Cure For The Itch 32:01
12 - Pushing Me Away 34:39
13 - High Voltage (Bonus Track) 37:50
14 - My December (Bonus Track) 41:29
15 - Points Of Authority [Crystal Method Remix] (Bonus Track) 45:49
16 - Papercut [Live At Milton Keynes] (Bonus Track) 50:45

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All Comments (21)
  • @madcap_9539
    One of the best examples of a consistent album. Literally every song is a banger.
  • @doomguy676
    This album came out on the actual day I was born. It was destined I would love this band. This is still one of my favorite albums of all time. R.I.P Chester thank you for creating art that would stick with me forever.
  • It boggles my mind when I realize:
    1. This album has no bad songs
    2. This was their debut album
    3. It was released 22 years back
    4. They went unorthodox with Rap-Rock WITH a DJ in the mix. IMO this combination will be difficult to execute well even today, more so 22 years back.
    5. Almost every other song in Hybrid Theory still holds relevance, both lyrically and musically.

    You won't be missed Chester, or Linkin Park for that matter; you'll forever be in our hearts and souls. \m/
  • @Flash-fw9mq
    Still hits like it did the day I bought the CD and pressed play for the first time.
  • @steveunicow
    Everytime I want to give up, I get back to Linkin Park. This album got me through my teenage years, and now that I am 30 it is still doing so much and it is still so relevant. Thank you for getting me through all those years Chester.
  • @Gentlebird333
    This album is so dope ❤ I'm 57 and I'm still banging my head!
  • @BRedFilms
    Such a legendary album....My life would not be the same without hearing this for the first time some 15 years ago...
  • @creg1758
    Pushing me away just hits different. What a song, what an artist. Chester/ Linkin Park will be in my heart forever
  • @jessica_araujo
    Um álbum atemporal, marcante e inesquecível 😍😍
  • @PedroSodreeg6
    Ouvir esse álbum tanto tempo depois de pronto e cantar junto, gritando! É como se estivesse num show! A vibe não morre nunca! 🤘
  • Pushing 30 I remember listening to Linkin Park when I was 12 13 years old . You listen to the music as your young when you get older you understand the lyrics. I have been going through rough times and Chester’s voice just gives me strength to keep going
  • @GloomyArcher
    Esse álbum marcou minha infância e agora marca minha adolescência, e eu sei que vai marcar minha fase adulta.

    Eu posso ser um velhinho de 76 anos e mesmo assim vou explodir esse álbum nas alturas até meu último suspiro! Viva Linkin Park!

    Chester, que Deus guarde sua alma, irmão, obrigado por tudo! 🙏🏻
  • @InputEmitter
    One of the best albums ever released, period. From track 1 to the end, all great songs!
  • @bryantc2899
    This was the best CD ever! So many great songs, crawling, and in the end are iconic!
  • @dantekyle1775
    Still listening 20+ yrs.. Finally had money to see them perform but, yeah. RIP Chester. Still gonna blast their music.
  • @flexer7822
    I think this is the best album ever, all the songs are amazing. I heard them for first time when I had 5 y.o. in 2002, and I still love them
  • @tdggirl20
    Love it!! ❤️ How freaking amazing it was to hear Chester's voice again!!!!