IT'S BINGO TIME | Resident Evil 4 Remake - Part 1

Published 2023-03-25

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  • @autumnh2233
    I feel like it's canon that Leon's thighs could absolutely crush a watermelon
  • @ethanbrausen8598
    jack learning that chickens lay eggs instead of them popping out like a pinãtas when they're shot is hilarious
  • @vindex7309
    Imagine, there’s an Easter egg that lets you get into the chapel and everyone’s in there actually playing bingo.
  • @crystalrose5646
    “One down, an entire population to go” Jack casually mentioning his soon to be achieved war crimes
  • @adaminop
    Imagine a loud Irish man with beautiful long golden locks comes bursting into your house while you and your family are having dinner and says “AH OH MY GOD THEY ARE EVERYWHERE” and then just runs out as fast as he entered.
  • @Jade-lu2hh
    Seán: “Pendejo… See I know something!”
    a few moments later
    Seán: “JUICIO🧃”
  • @mook_10
    leon parrying an axe and then blasting the guy into a wall with a roundhouse kick right after the really atmospheric and moody intro completely sold me. this looks fantastic
  • @nickpowers2291
    My favorite part was when Leon said it's bingo time and bingoed all over the place.
  • @d.l.claxton9421
    The paint on interactive objects get exponentially funnier when you remember that it's suggested in Resident Evil Village that Heisenberg was behind the yellow-ish paint. So he is here, (for some reason,) sees Leon messing somebody up, and just "I'll help him, I want to see where this goes."
  • @ryunabloodmire
    The fact that he accidentally thought Ada was Luis has me in stitches. I can’t stop picturing Luis in her outfit. 🤣
  • @kaseymathew1893
    Seán: "Oh, I don't kill you to get eggs, you just lay them."
    Me: "Yeah, that's how chickens work, you psycho."
  • The fact Leon is able to parry a chainsaw with a knife is badass, insane it's been 18 years since RE4, classic
  • @bluhmer1990
    I was nervous when first playing this until Leon said the Bingo line. Then I knew they weren't going to get rid of all of his one-liners.
  • @_hey_earl_1571
    Jack: I remember this part being harder.

    Game: ..and I took that personally.
  • @blazeit69bigb00b
    sean and gabs having the same reaction to “E” being the key for crouching is absolutely hilarious to me
  • @apathyftp2575
    Jack: "You can't fight if you don't have a head!"

    RE4: "Let me show you why you're wrong."
  • I love it that Jack has been calling Ashley baby eagle from the beginning of this playthrough! Yup absolutely! Super clever of him!
  • @AdamSchwartze
    Fun Fact, Sean: that combat knife of Leon’s is THE same knife given to him by Marvin in RE2. That’s right. He’s kept that knife with him for all these years. It’s even mentioned when you examine it in the attaché case. I think it’s also why it can be repaired by the merchant: because it’s a special knife meant for our Real Proud Dad Leon.
  • @TaRa_K
    Scrolling through the comments, I cant help but love how happy this game has made so many people... people reliving the moments of nostalgia and the escape that this game gave them, is a priceless thing... its so awesome seeing Sean get to experience it and give us who cant play it, the chance to be a part of it!