The Tau Empire Is WAY Stronger Than We Think! | Warhammer 40k Lore

Published 2022-12-18
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All Comments (21)
  • @pnk9639
    I believe that the Imperium could beat the Tau in an all out war, but that it would take up so many resources, that the effort would leave the Imperium open on other fronts. Plus, both Tau and Imperium share many enemies.
  • @gmailquinn
    Tau have one big advantage: very little infighting. Also consistent tech advanments
  • @isaacmcmanus3666
    I think the Tau's lack of connection to the warp is one of their biggest strengths
  • I've always viewed the Tau as a armadillo/porcupine. Small but such a pain to kill that no faction can deal with them without catastrophic losses
  • @sookendestroy1
    GW should definitely put some emphasis on the Tau auxiliaries as a sort of neutral alien faction. Empires under the Tau doing their own thing as a collective army of the Tau
  • @555tork
    One interesting thing about the Ethereals is that after returning to the T'au Empire to help Farsight and his soldiers were still immune to whatever influence Ethereals possess, meaning that either individual T'au are affected differently or the influence isn't as strong as some think. There is also the possibility that being away for so long weakened it's effect on T'au from the Enclaves.
  • @ssfbob456
    I love the Tau because it's like they found a hard drive full of mecha anime and were like "That, we need to build that! Someone build that!"
  • @SammyWhiteley
    I always saw the Tau as a very powerful but also very regional faction that the Imperium could probably defeat but it would never be worthwhile, given that they're good neighbors as Xenos go and their interests line up with the Imperium more often than not.
  • I'm late here but in the Farsight series of novels, a Tau water cast did in fact become possessed by a daemon. It's a major part of the story. Maybe it's bias because the Tau are my faction and O'Shovah is my favorite 40K character and I know a lot of people aren't fans of Phil Kelly's writing, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Farsight books and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in his story or the Tau in general.
  • The way I got into Warhammer 40k was a game called fire warrior all the way back in 2003. They were the my favorite race from that day forth.
  • @mehornyasfk
    The Imperium won't commit itself to wiping out the Tau at least as long as the Orks, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Chaos, and Necrons are still around, which is forever. In other words, the Tau is safe.
  • @deftonescp
    Not a fan of the Tau but I respect them. They do bring a lot to the table and give a possible future to the overall universe.
  • There is an example of a Tau being possessed by a daemon of Tzeench and even developed psychic powers when he touched an unshielded imperial warp drive in the novel Farsight: Crisis of Faith
  • I think the most fascinating thing about Tau is how they blend other races. But it's sad you are getting less of their auxiliaries on the tabletop at the moment.
  • @BlackFresh1
    The Tau have been my favorite faction since they were first tintroduced. It's sad they don't get more love from the fans (or GW for that matter lol) Based on their progression of technology per amount of time, the more time goes by the bigger of a threat they will become. I think even if they just gained faster travel capabilities, or maybe some warp based travel like the other races, even that alone would increase their threat level.
  • @simplezyph9130
    I feel like if the imperium Fell the Tau are mostly likely going to be the New Dominant Super Empire
  • @hahtos
    I'm here because Witcher and Superman is now crating a show about a sci-fi universe I barely knew existed. And I'm immediately absolutely fascinated
  • @zeroakira584
    I think if the imperium and the enclave can somehow tolerate each other to work toward a common goal, that would be a book I am willing to buy. Imagine a rag tag bands of imperial guards, fire warriors and stealth suits team try their hardest to cross the battle between other factions, like Ork vs Tyranids or Necron vs Eldar.
  • @Artan9000
    I love your chaos AI theory. It's far more interesting and thematic than just "AI too smart, therefore AI turn into murderhobos" for the 100th time. It's a great way to use what 40K has to make it unique, interesting, and make sense.