Actual Crimes Streamed on Twitch

Published 2022-04-25

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  • Charlie, I'm gonna be honest, we're all watching you through your webcam. This may come as a shock
  • Charlie's faith in humanity is surprisingly wholesome and inspiring
  • @YeensWrath
    Twitch could very easily delete the VOD and Archive it for Police Investigations instead of straight up banning the Streamer for being the victim of a crime with LIVE evidence. Big L for Twitch and their rep
  • @wiznik88
    Imagine doing the webcam roulette and suddenly you're looking at yourself 👁️👄👁️
  • @PloutosPlays
    The main reason for the dark web is being able to freely browse the web. in china and tons of other places ( think N Korea, or Russia now) where people get killed or just disappear just for looking for certain things. it makes a safe place for journalists and anyone living oppressed to safely share and learn. THAT is the main reason for tor.
  • I had a coworker that would bring up the topic of AI child p*rn quite frequently, and he was unfortunately also on the ass-backwards reasoning of being in favor of it. He would mention it so frequently at work that some of my other (female) coworkers had to discuss our concerns to our manager. I'm not sure if he was every directly fired, but I was sure as hell relieved to see I wasn't scheduled to work with him anymore.
  • @renclave
    For any still wondering, TOR was made by the Navy. Its main use was as a neutral platform for reporters in dangerous countries. It helped the Arab spring.
  • The subtle flex where you can see Charlie made 2M from 2019-2021. Nicely done Charlie. Respect the hustle.
  • Charlie: looks at the list with streamers paychecks and his name is on it
    Also Charlie: ignores that his paycheck is on video
  • @ion1984
    i've been watching starcraft streams since 2007 ... staying up all night to watch MSL and OSL. Watched JustinTV and Twitch from the inception. hearing you tell stories about speedrunning and twitch and saying back in 2015 2016 etc ... just wild. Starcraft was one of the biggest games being streamed in 2011, of course untill everyone figured out how hard and frustrating it is to play.

    Very enjoyable videos man. We started our youtube pages within like 1 week of each other. Amazing to see what you've done. boomer.
  • @Kenzieistired99
    There's nothing like browsing the web as an innocent teen only to stumble across videos of two girls not much older than yourself being decapitated. That shit was probably the beginning of my decent into degeneracy
  • @HexPanic
    For anyone looking, a brief, vague run down: The dark webs purpose is anonymity. The navy developed it to encrypt messages so that they couldn't be traced back to an individual by monitoring traffic. A TOR network is built up of nodes which are essentially other computers running the software. When you transfer data/make a request etc you send it through 5 of those nodes, the request is encrypted from the furthest to closest and each layer has the address of the next node in the chain. In short it protects the data being able to be traced back to anyone. Its not necessarily all illegal drugs and weapons...sometimes murder, sometimes leaking government secrets and maybe a little anti government stuff in those countries where you get jailed for thinking about not liking your rulers.
  • @walnzell9328
    I wanna see tiny, insignificant, crimes caught on Twitch. Like a streamer caught jaywalking, or messing around with a gumball machine and getting a free gumball out of it.
  • This dude who made this video about these sites seems like a pretty good guy. After talking about people spying through webcams, he suggests webcam covers. Seems like a really cool guy, ngl.
  • @severinus3
    I thought it was obvious why Twitch has/had that policy. If they allowed accidental bannable things and crimes, more people would definitely take advantage of it to do bad shit for notoriety and stage it as an accident. It sucks for the people without fault and it's not a good policy, but the reason is understandable
  • @hatred9427
    Watching these darkweb/iceberg videos always remind me of Wendigoon's finale on the end of the "serial killer iceberg" videos.
    He doesn't forget to tell people that humans are incredible, and there is so much people working to make good of our society. That stuff like these are just one in a million cases whose perpetrators will end up facing consequences for their actions, and that good will always end up rising, no matter how long it may seen.
    It's the stuff that some people have in their minds, with unfortunately many people do not and end up doing harm to others or even themselves. So leave this note, these are lone cases which are not repeated, soon enough this will be erradicated and the degenerates will be caught.
  • @azayrian1052
    One very interesting thing about the dark web is that journalists from different countries go on there so they can report on things from their countries where freedom of speech is not allowed.
  • i used to play secondlife, for years, and the amount of adults playing child avatars and being in relationships with adult avatars, was mind boggling. they would say we are both adults theres nothing wrong with it etc, or, as long as people do it in the virtual space, it keeps them from doing shit in real life, used to make me sick. people would go to adoption sims, and adopt a child, and a year later, youd see them getting married in game or something sick. now, i know, that those places werent just for going out a picking up child avis, some people actually played for reasons like they cant or dont have families in rl so they have their kids in game, but it always creeped me out whatever the reason. so this mentality, is mainstream, because secondlife is the most vanilla mainstream simulation "game" i can think of. the whole thing was crazy how acceptable it was to some people.
  • @lackinggnat
    When Charlie asked if there was non illegal stuff on the dark web, I instantly thought of pirating movies. So I forgot that piracy is illegal.
  • the one offering baby smoothies seems mainly like a honeypot made to separate psychos from their money. there is nothing advertised on there that isn't available in some form, but it all seems far too extensive and impractical for a group to meaningfully provide all of those services. especially the custom scenarios one, Skully managed something like that but it's exceptionally rare and not very realistic to be able to pick and choose as many details as they offer. could be real though, maybe those guys are the Amazon of the deep web or something