Published 2023-03-24

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  • NightWatchGacha
    The fact that he doesn't leave you waiting for the next episode is like music to my ears . he uploads before i even notice, round of applause
  • TrueKarma
    In the books, Eleanor is really messed up. I can't remember the exact details, but she basically lures this kid- or the other way around- and replaces the child's organs with animatronic parts. I don't know if that is fully correct, but that is what I remember. If that leads to any future endings- which I doubt- then no problem. Also- the books are great. You should read them.
  • Takom_9
    I love how he loads up a updated version of a video game and then just instantly breaks it
  • Cheesiest Boi
    I really like how fusion gives away free copies of the games that he plays.
  • Pixel Pie
    Fusion always makes me smile every day! Let's get him to 4M! He deserves it.
  • Damn this is the kaiju fight I never knew I needed, Giant scott cawthon vs giantess eleanor. This is truly better than zilla vs kong. This truly is the best battle of all time.
  • Korbin Jones
    Fusion, I think you need to place the office in your pizzeria along with some security cameras. Otherwise, the animatronics won't activate at night.
  • House of mew
    Fusions videos are always amazing to watch ❤
  • Richard Kirkland
    The reason you can't enter the pizzeria is because it becomes completely inaccessible after midnight, it becomes accessible again after 6 AM
  • Day 53 of telling Fusion about what a great YouTuber he is:
    I think you did check the vault last vid, I’m pretty sure you did. Anyways, I’m so happy you were able to get the ending! It was a little weird but you still got it! I hope you can finally get the other ending with the arcade machines. I really want to see what the dev has for that. I can’t wait for the next vid of this to come out, i really love this series and I’m sad it’s probably going to end very soon because there is only really one ending left. Amazing vid Fusion!
  • Timbers7
    It always makes me happy to get back after a long day and be able to watch your videos. Thank you fusion
  • Cupcake Lillypad
    13:03 I love how fusion says “don’t tell me she’s the boss fight”😂😂😂
  • Odd Otaku
    Eleanore is actually a robotic replacement built by Henry after his daughter charlie was kidnapped by afton. He goes about building several "charlie" models to replicate different growth stages, and uses a camcorder to feed her fake memories. Eleanor was the final model for Charlie, but something went wrong and she developed a horrifying personality. After Charlie's and Henry's house burned down, she escaped and was found by Springtrap who used her to get back at charlie and her friends.

    All the different "Charlie's" use sound illusion discs, which are basically discs containing a specific sound wave frequency that causes people to hallucinate and see them as a real person, subconsciously ignoring their robotic traits.
    Edit: Forgot to mention that Charlie killed both herself and Eleanore at the end of the third book in the Silver Eyes trilogy.
    It also happens to be from that same series that the twisted animatronics came about. They also use sound illusion discs, but because the discs were malfunctioning, they tended to look horrifyingly realistic at times, while appearing as smooth plastic at others.
  • Temari
    When ever I’m needing a time to relax I turn on fusionzgamer his videos are amazing if your reading this fusion I LOVE YOUR VIDS ❤
    Legend says Fusion will never stop breaking games.
  • GilliganTF2
    After the fight the reason why Fusion wasn't able to enter the pizzeria was because of the time, and you can't enter when it's past midnight
  • Jonathan Bird
    I love this channel and I liked this video too. It was posted on my birthday tonight and I enjoyed watching it, so thank you for posting this video today.🎉😍👍❤️🎉
  • Herrasaurgamer12
    Do you love it when the legend himself uploads a video? I do🤚