Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul: Tyson Laughs In Jake's Face | Face Off

Published 2024-05-13

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  • @johno30197
    Who else wants mike to humble jake paul....
  • @SusanBolding
    Paul couldn't believe he was face to face with Tyson, and Tyson couldn't believe he was about to kill a child for money, and the fighters shared a heartfelt laugh about it.
  • @dnoo636
    Biggest click bait in history these guys are laughing at us and all the way to the bank.
  • @m.a.3906
    Can you guys imagine that Tyson would smile to his opponent in 1990's in such a position lol ... he is still a legend.
  • @ChinsLein
    I adore seeing Tyson giggle with delight—he's the goat.
  • @snarl3027
    lol Mike Tyson said, “fight? What fight? I’m here for the money!”
  • @shivx1
    Ariel Hawani : least effective hype man ever
  • imagine mike Tyson in his prime doing this face off, be no smiling , be a stone cold stare of kill or be killed
  • @stonersparky
    Anyone else hear Mike Tyson saying "Dimopulos law firm" in their head after seeing his shirt???
  • Mike's such a friendly guy now.
    Wayyyyyyy different from previous face offs. I hope Mike brings it.
    I'd love to see glimpses of the old Mike, that ferocious style, test JP, since JP is yet to fight pro boxers with winning records.
  • the way they smiled and playfully shoved was like 2 friends saying "dude we're gonna make so much money"
  • @WrestlingVHS
    After all the years of mike looking at his opponents like they were already dead its nice to see mike having fun with this
  • @post3144
    When it's Mike Tyson, you just don't know who is up there... lol I love that guy. Twice the age and still twice the man of most of us.