Published 2023-05-27
0:05 - THE CREATOR (2023) Sci Fi Movie
2:19 - FOUNDATION Season 2 (2023) Sci Fi Series
5:12 - SECRET INVASION (2023) Samuel L. Jackson
6:09 - THE HUNGER GAMES 5: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes (2023)
8:38 - DOOMSDAY METEOR (2023)
10:05 - CRATER (2023) Disney+
12:11 - AHSOKA (2023) Star Wars
13:52 - SILO (NEW 2023) Apple TV Sci Fi Series
15:58 - STAR WARS VISIONS Season 2 (2023)
17:55 - TRANSFORMERS 7 (2023) Rise of the Beasts

Concept Art provided by: Teresa Alvarado

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  • @kurtkaster5666
    Whenever I see a bunch of trailers, I always think there are a bunch of awesome movies to go see. But it usually turns out to not be the case. The trailers are often way better than the actual movie. Kinda how you remember something better than it actually was.
  • @EvilAnomaly
    I need another "The Expanse" level show or movie to happen again. That show ruined my ability to care for any other sci fi related shows/movies with how glorious it was! Show easily makes Star Trek and Star Wars stuff feel like high school projects. Buy of course the majority drool over and hype the other two to death!
  • @ronagoodwell2709
    "Some mysteries are best left unsolved." And some movies are best left unmade.
  • @luizfigobr
    Disney never disappoints: it will keep destroying good shows
  • @UltimateGattai
    I really enjoyed the Transformers Rise of the Beasts, best Transformers movie in a long time (I say the same thing about Bumblebee).

    I'm holding out for Dune 2 and the Battle Angel Alita sequel though.
  • @pajil8444
    thank goodness I don't have to see and watch every sci-fi genre movie for 2023.😊
  • @j-sin3344
    Lee Pace is an Incredible actor, love his work in The Hobbit as well as Guardians of the Galaxy 1.
  • @rogerwilco2
    Disney seems to be really trying to fix their mistakes with the sequels.
    But they cannot.
    Until they disown them and the people who made them.
    RIP Carrie Fisher.
  • @IonizedComa
    Honestly the only sci fi movie I'd go see in the cinema is probably Dune part 2
    Part 1 was a glorius experience
  • @user-vm7cm8qu5t
    If this is the best that 2023 has to offer, I will be eating my popcorn at home.
  • The Creator and Silo are the only ones that look interesting. And I'm interested in Silo only because it looks like an old sci-fi series I read in the 80's. One of these days I'll remember the name of it too. 😁
    (edited: the book is called The Sunset Warrior by Eric Van Lustbader.)
  • @chrisyu98
    Wow "DOOMSDAY METEOR" looks like such an original story!!.....well original as Hollywood gets.
  • @winte222
    0:05 - Научно-фантастический фильм "СОЗДАТЕЛЬ" (2023)
    2:19 - ОСНОВАНИЕ, 2 сезон (2023) Научно-фантастический сериал
    5:12 - ТАЙНОЕ ВТОРЖЕНИЕ (2023) Сэмюэл Л. Джексон
    6:09 - ГОЛОДНЫЕ ИГРЫ 5: Баллада о певчих птицах и змеях (2023)
    8:38 - МЕТЕОРИТ СУДНОГО ДНЯ (2023)
    10:05 - КРАТЕР (2023) Disney+
    12:11 - АСОКА (2023) Звездные войны
    13:52 - Научно-фантастический сериал Apple TV "БУНКЕР" (НОВИНКА 2023 года)
    15:58 - ВИДЕНИЯ ЗВЕЗДНЫХ ВОЙН 2 сезон (2023)
    17:55 - ТРАНСФОРМЕРЫ 7 (2023) Восстание чудовищ
  • Glad there are years and years of good science fiction/fantasy movies out there I have not seen as none of these look worthy of my time.
  • @johnmaynard2830
    Ermm the creator gives nearly the whole story away in the ad. Can't wait for season 2 of foundation. Breathtaking. Stopped watching the trailers at invisible person as too many spoilers. Don't know if season 2 of halo is there but that and foundation are what I want to see.
  • @Joe_Blow215
    I remember when "Doomsday Meteor" came out the first time... and was called " Armageddon".
  • Still remember when movies were as good as the trailers even better?
  • @hefeibao
    Ain't gonna lie, The Creator looks really good. Great cast, good director. Fingers crossed!
  • @pschaffner74
    "Wool" (Silo) was one the best Sci-Fi books I've read in the past 20 years. I didn't even know it had a series of books until this. Can't wait.
  • @growlkitty
    Looks like I'll be spending the summer at the beach or camping because there is absolutely nothing good playing at a theatre near me in 2023!