What Happened to the Flagship Of Each Space Marine Legion? | Warhammer 40k Lore

Published 2023-04-12
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A legion's flagship is arguably worth just as much as their Primarch, so what happened to them?

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  • @majorkill
    If only the Endurance had Geologie, they could have prevented their transformation into a smelly piece of poo
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  • I love how The Khan basically looked at his legions Gloriana-Class Battleship,one of the few in the galaxy and super resource expensive to build and went "Nah. Build me another one to my exact specifications"

    Edit: He had them modified. I made a mistake and I appreciate the correction
  • @daverage4729
    One of the best bits of lore was Corvus and Guilliman having a drink on the Macragges Honour when Guilliman asks Corvus what he thought of Fulgrims 'Pride Of The Emperor', since he'd been recently on it. Corvus gave a disgusted look and said "Overwhelming. It was like being punched in the face with a perfumed fist!" which gave G-man a good laugh. ;)
  • @gunbreakerplays
    Cool Custodes fact about the Phalanx: The Adeptus Custodes not only repaired and upgraded the massive space station for the Imperial Fists, they activated sections that nobody had been able to figure out since the Dark Age of Technology. They also have an undisclosed number of spies and agents working for them on the Phalanx at all times.
  • @wuhanjohn4900
    The Dark Angels had 3 Gloriana-class battleships and they wreaked havoc on the traitors with them, one was damaged beyond repair then subsequently rammed into the xenos moon-base during the Xenocide. Dark Angel teams then made moon-fall overloaded the reactors and "fused" the ship with the moon, decimating both in the process. The third's fate is unknown, potentially it comes out of retirement with the return of the Lion
  • @phaikia13
    Betcha Trazyn has a whole fleet of them somewhere...
  • @thewerdna
    So we actually have a pretty good idea of what happened to the missing Primarchs' Gloriana Class ships. The Luna Wolves and Word Bearers both suspiciously had two Gloriana Class ships before the Heresy even started.

    So yeah, looks like the ships were probably given to them just like how the Ultramarines and the Imperial Fists took in the surviving members of the lost legions.
  • @Luchiop
    got to love Perturabo´s Ship without windows. Dude never fails to provides fun lore...hope he returns soon to make traitors fun again.
  • @DOOM_Dwarf
    This reminds me of the way many tank designs came to be.

    It goes like this:
    "See this giant powerful gun?"
    "Yes, sir."
    "Build something to carry it into battle!"
    "Yes sir!"
  • @bbdf21
    Yo, Majorkill, the Dark Angels had 3 Gloriana Class Ships, The Invincible Reason, the Paradigm of Hate and the Truths Razor, only the Paradigm of hate was Destroyed (during the Xenocides, they rammed it into an Astroid with wich it fused, so technically its a Space Hulk now, just a non Moving one) so they still have two!
  • Of course, Fulgrim's ship looks like a giant pink "you-know-what." And I can't be the only one that imagines strobing rave lights coming out of it, right?
  • When you think about it, it makes total sense that the one capable of "controlling" the World Eater's flagship in the galaxy's most hardcore dominatrix.
  • @LordGrantius
    In Mass Effect we learned from Legion that windows are a structural weakness, weakness would not be tolerated by the Lord of Iron
  • @AustinFoss00
    I'm just imagining the Blood Angels getting spit out by the warp at Ultramar and the Ultramarines just towing them to a space port to fix their ship. I imagine there could have been some pretty funny Blood Angel and Ultramarine banter there
  • @catodes1295
    The Furious Abyss wasn't a Gloriana, it was an Abyssal class, bigger and more powerful than a Gloriana
  • @Jagonath
    Space Wolves Flagship: Hrafnkel. Pretty sure it survived, and even made an appearance in "The Emperors Gift" by ADB. Right when the Inquisition was about to blast a bunch of Space Wolves and civilian ships, Hrafnkel appeared from the warp right between them. Shut down the Inquisition pretty hard. So unless I read incorrectly, it's alive.
  • The Dark Angels Legion have been confirmed to have at least 5 of them (Three of them named, Invincible Reason, Paradigm of Hate and Truth's Razor) , but it has also been stated that many of the Dark Angels fleets had a Gloriana.
  • Would love to see a Night Lord resurgence with The Nightfall helmed by Decimus and a mostly reunified legion, or better yet, best boy Sevy popping up. So much great Night Lord lore that is up in the air just waiting to come all together for a Night Lord revamp (i.e. Games Workshop revamping some Night Lord models for $$$).
  • @sollapoke
    No coverage of the Paradigm of Hate? I definitely think it has the coolest last moment of any Gloriana ship, plus its a Dark Angel ship so extra points.
  • @Rasc0117
    This is the kind of question I personally really like! I want there to be MORE lore on 40k starships!

    I feel like we've only gotten scraps of lore when it comes to ships for many years now. Usually talking about how big this fleet is or where this ship is about to go. I want to know details! The armaments, crew size, specialties, captains and admirals, new ship classes, actual intended size of various ships, and much more!