10 of the Silliest/Goofiest Moments in Warhammer 40k Lore

Published 2023-01-25
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Warhammer 40k is grimdark, but that doesn't mean it can't be goofy at times

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  • @majorkill
    Goofy lore is best lore.... it's what really makes Warhammer what it is.

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  • A heavily melted helmet lays beneath a plaque, it reads: "Here lies brother Dimitris, who flew to close to the sun, or rather, drove his jetbike into the path of a melta gun, the results were the same."
  • Dorn making a joke in Saturnine. A super dark joke at that. Sinderman is depressed because he decides he is a waste of resources, goes to the top of the palace to jump off, runs into Dorn, taking a break from the info sphere. Dorn obviously figures out quickly what Sinderman was planning. They talk it out. Dorn reinstitutes the remebrancers with Sinderman as the head. As they are leaving, Dorn says he will meet Sinderman back downstairs in the bastions a parting shot says, "and Kyrill...take the stairs." Coming from Dorn, this is actually quite hilarious and a pretty dark joke about suicide.
  • @j.t8529
    Imagine if Dorn took that quote of Guilliman greatest enemy being pencils seriously and made a backup plan that mainly uses pencils in case he would turn to chaos
  • @sandmansleeps657
    One of my favourite moments is when Ragnar Blackmane was a Blood Claw, he went off world for the first time to a planet that had already been infested with orks. He and a small group of allies stole an ork war buggy and dressed up like orks, the armour and helmets being far too big for them. They then accidentally became participants in a war buggy race, and when the nearest ork saw they were Space Wolves, they shot it in the head. They thought they were going to have to fight, but it turned out the other orks racing just assumed shooting was now allowed in the race.
  • @hydromancer4916
    Let us never forget Horus with his new personal remembrancer in tow basically saying to her, "and here are my most trusted advisors" just before they walk in and see Abaddon putting Loken in a headlock while the other two mourneval members punch the shit out of eachother
  • @marcuskaae2128
    the idea that if a terminator falls backwards they cant get back up is amazing and the thougt of a comander ziping through the voice comms and he just hears "I'M TURTLEING BROTHERS!!!" is so funny to me
  • @trimeerious4349
    Getting a video about how each of the pre heresy primarchs would react to being in Guillimans situation would be pretty cool not gonna lie , how they would see the new religion of the emperor, and how they would be received.
  • @darthdistix1895
    Nothing is more goofy then thinking abaddon could beat gullimen truly goofy
  • @fortofeels578
    There's a bit in Battle of the Fang where a high-ranking Thousand Sons Sorcerer finding a bunch of small fenrisian children and trying to kill them for fun but they just end up slipping away and humiliating him by throwing grenades his way before he unironically screams 'I HATE THIS FUCKING PLANET'
  • @J01LYROG34
    There was a scene in the first of the Dawn of Fire books that had me exhale through my nose. When Gulliman is recruiting historitors, one of the main candidates is being arrested for being a little too opinionated, and therefore a heretic. A Logister tells him he either joins the historitors or they throw him to the Ecclesiarchy for spewing heresy.

    Naturally, he agrees, so the Logister has him drugged to sleep, which he's not expecting. When the needle sticks him he starts to cuss the guy out, and passes out.

    When he wakes up he continues his thought, which it doesn't say outright, but it implies that he was using "cunt" at least once.

    Then he realizes he's sitting across from the Primarch himself, and almost shits himself while he tries to apologize, but G man just shrugs and goes, "Eh. I've been called worse."
  • @15DEAN1995
    When I heard the dark angels terminators all fell in a pile and needed a crane to pick them up. Meanwhile other dark angels were laughing at them I near burst out laughing in work
  • @palpadur1112
    there's a story i heard years back, not sure if it's in a book or not. Corvus Corax and a noble woman (didn't catch the name) at a meeting. the noble woman is talking to Corvus about the anatomy of baseline humans, and Space Marines. after a while, the the noble woman starts talking about having fun in the bedroom. over the course of their conversation, Corvus is getting more and more nervous.
  • @Scufflegrit
    The Emperor’s Spears funny epitaphs were part of the inspiration for my homebrew chapter, The Peacemakers.
    They’re Raven Guard successors who cope with their gene-seed’s propensity for clinical depression with humor. Their battle cry is ‘Peace be with you!” as they open fire, and companies will review “best of” after action helmet vids to see who got in the best one-liners and so forth. And if someone makes a bad joke over vox in the field, their squadmates all slap the shit out of him—helps make sure the vox isn’t flooded with amateur hour bullshit. 😂
  • @inductivegrunt94
    The Iron Striders are my favorite goofy lore. Nothing like wrangling a mechanical Emu. And having to chase one down when the Servitor dies.

    The Deathwing having to be picked up by cranes because they're too heavy is pretty silly.

    Also, Catachan Kroot is funny. The bandana is part of their very beings. And Space Marines honoring their dead passive aggressively or acting like children is pretty funny and wholesome respectively.
  • @ianyoder2537
    I know lucius is a shit character with one of the most BS powers imaginable, but I always laugh about the landmine death. 1 one of the 4 ruinous powers greatest champion is capable of being killed by something as simple as a landmine, 2 the thought of him being yeeted across the galaxy from a battle field to a factory must be really disorientating, and 3 you work in a factory and a demon champion just suddenly appears, and you don't even know what demons are.
  • @stoissdk
    I remember a short story with a space marine force facing off against an ork horde. The space marine psyker attempts probe the enemy however a weird boy in the opposing force, somehow gets entangled in the process and the two end up temporarily mind swapping. The space marine captains confusion when his "psyker" suddenly insists on a promised squig (for lunch?), is pure gold.
  • @imtired9395
    There's a bit in Outcast Dead where one of the most badass World Eaters ever is on a secret mission with a few other traitor marines and they end up in the slums of Terra, and the World Eater sits down with a small boy and they have a cute little talk and its actually really adorable to see a World Eater of all the marines, just talking to a kid, until the kid gives him a Lectitio Divinitatus pamphlet and the World Eater has to leave to stop himself from killing the kid right there...
    It was nice while it lasted.
  • @noel1626
    The more intentional goofy lore is a really nice change of pace from the setting being all serious all the time. Especially with the primarchs and space marines, really humanizes them and makes it all the more interesting
  • @lemanruss2491
    The childlike behavior that the Marines showed reminded me greatly of how the spartan-2’s and even some early 3’s from halo acted as well.

    People also tend to forget that they were taken as kids as well and turned into child super soldiers. The most prevalent of these behaviors is the infamous/famous spartan “smile” that is shown in lore that fellow twos and threes seeing each other will do with their helmets on as a sign of camaraderie.