Tik Tok Congress Hearing Was Painful

Published 2023-03-25

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  • @Josh-td2jb
    I find it so funny imagining a whole team of highly sophisticated and intelligent people at TikTok's HQ coming up with every possible response to intricate cyber security questions just to be hit with "Does TikTok access WiFi?"
  • @dHOOLIG4N
    It’s funny af how the CEO is just dumbfounded after he asked “Does TikTok access the home network?” The CEO was just like “Wtf?”
  • @randomasian5049
    the fact that they brought a shitpost up as a threat was just hilarious
  • @Jivy225
    It made me so mad because they didnt let bro respond. like unless he was about to say "yes tiktok hates children and supports genocide" they arent going to let him talk.
  • @sxxxh7632
    Imagine the CEO at home mentally preparing himself to be hammered and answer difficult questions to be bombarded with pure stupidity and arrogance.

    Was probably thinking to himself why did I waste my time preparing anything
  • @thingking4063
    As Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
  • @cyarutchiii
    It's crazy to me how sure of herself this woman is. She is 100% certain she knows what she is doing.
  • @fat_finger3696
    The irony on her laptop saying "Don't tread on me" while also trying to ban people from using an app is hilarious 6:38
  • @na3rial
    The bigger issue at hand is that Tiktok does everything US based social platforms do. So to take TikTok to task, you would need to also take Twt, FB, even Google to task. And they won't do it
  • @shaquallay
    What's even worse is that this could have had massive implications for the way user data and privacy policies are handled.
  • @ChillkittzGT
    I dunno what to hate in this hearing anymore, either hating tiktok for you know, being tiktok, or the fact that these questions that were questioned to the tiktok CEO was just either self explanatory or just straight up stupid as some of them felt as if these questions were made by someone who doesnt know anything about social media taking a chunk of our social info and credentials.
  • @Justin14379
    Im just super proud of charlie. He stuck to his word about putting more effort into his reaction videos. He keeps us up to date on news but instead of just sitting and watching the video with his viewers he constructs a concise intro to explain the video contents, then splices his thoughts throughout.
  • @DancePartyBlammo
    her repeating yes over and over as he tries to talk should be a example of why she shouldn't be a representative of anything lmao
  • @snailer12
    Yeah charlie is completely right about the wifi question and it turned into a huge meme. Surprised not more people tried to explain it like that. Still extremely cringe and a witch hunt on TikTok. They all went home thinking 'hehe we sure showed him'.
  • @P.o.t.a.t.o
    how did bro have the patience to sit through all 5 hours of that im surprised he didn't walk out within the first 20 minutes
  • @SxxzyMcoc
    My problem with this whole thing is how there is litterally people dying to school shootings and instead of spending time on working/fixing that the government is busy dealing with unimportant cases like this. It is honestly sad to me.
  • @thebarbiter4644
    A couple of representatives who actually understood the workings of TikTok a little better had a couple of actually good questions and concerns. Like how specific words referring to a person's race, sexuality, or gender identity have to be censored in order to be algorithmically viable. Anyone who's used TikTok enough is well familiar with "unalive" being used over "died, "killed," or "dead."
  • @n3k0t0x
    "Does tiktok use wifi?" God help us all.
  • @roberth9814
    I love that he’s covering such an important issue for a young audience in a way that’s entertaining
  • I feel so bad for Mr. Chew, he should of spoke up and let them know not to talk over him or at least someone else.