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Creating Experiences. Rock & Rap Remixes Every Week!!

I started making Remixes just for fun but after one of my Linkin Park Eminem Tiktok videos blew up, I decided why not to make remix channel where i will upload these remixes! I added link to the comments of the Tiktok video and so many people came to listen full version of the Remix! Remix is "Breaking The Habit" which has now over 11 million views in my channel!! This gave me motivation to keep doing these remixes and suddenly my channel has over 100k subscribers!

The first thought of why i started making these remixes also was to get something different to do than only type beats which i am still doing for my first channel "Pendo46". I don't get any money from these remixes and videos because copyright issues. But i'm not doing this because money. I'm doing it because i like to do this and it makes me happy. Thank you for everyone who are watching my videos and remixes! You guys mean a lot to me!!

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