Unfrequently Asked Questions

Is NotNortonCircuit open source?


Will you make NotNortonCircuit open source?


What does a 500 error mean?

It means there is a bug. The bug has been logged and will be dealt with.

A YouTube music video won't load

For music videos, YouTube checks IP addresses. NotNortonCircuit's IP address is the IP sent to YouTube, not yours. Due to this, the IP check will fail.

Some YouTube 144p videos don't load

For whatever reason, Chrome has issue loading 3gpp videos from source tags.

NotNortonCircuit has a lot of other people's videos on it, is this legal?

NotNortonCircuit hosts none of the videos that are viewable on NotNortonCircuit. Instead, the videos are hotlinked. This is not copyright infringement because URLs are not copyrightable for the same reason street addresses are not copyrightable. NotNortonCircuit get video information by parsing video providers' websites. This is established to be lawful by hiQ Labs v. LinkedIn. Said court case also allows parsers to sue providers for anti-competitive practices if providers selectively block them. NotNortonCircuit search results and recommended videos are non-infringing for the same reason that the YellowPages can't be copyrighted. Video descriptions cannot be copyrighted. If they could then Google could be sued for copyright infringement. If Google Images is legal, then NotNortonCircuit is also legal.

I believe something violates my copyright; take it down!

send us an e-mail.