Cat War Z

Published 2023-03-16

A New Update has been launched:

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"Escape from Earth's Zombie Cats!" in Story mode, you play as a clever cat astronomer trapped on an island overrun by zombie felines. Armed with a powerful arsenal of guns and upgrades, fight through hordes of undead cats to reach a spaceship that will take you off this doomed planet. In this top-down 2D shooter, you'll need to maintain your oxygen levels while taking down enemies and upgrading your skills.

The action doesn't stop there - in Survival mode, you'll face an endless onslaught of zombie cats, testing your skills and reflexes to the limit. Can you survive for as long as possible and beat your high score?

PC Controls

Use WASD keys                                

to move or run

Use Left Mouse button                     

to shoot

Use E key                                            

to interact with things


  • Two (2) Game modes - Story and Survival
  • Feline twist on the zombie apocalypse genre
  • Shoot and eliminate hordes of undead cats
  • Maintain oxygen levels while battling enemies
  • Buy powerful arsenal of guns
  • Survive and upgrade your stats to become stronger
  • Unlock new areas to explore
  • Repair infrastructures


  • Maintain oxygen levels to survive
  • Fight your way through zombie cat hordes
  • Repair the bridge that connects the main island to the island where the spaceship is located (Story mode)
  • Supply the spaceship with fuel (Story mode)
  • Upgrade your skills and weapons along the way
  • Don't die.

Our game, Cat War Z, is still in active development and feedbacks from anybody is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for trying out our game. We hope you have a fun experience!