Published 2024-01-30



Made in 72 hours for GGJ2024 hosted in Cyprus.

The theme was "Make me laugh".

Frogrammer - Programming

HIS - Art

Nugget - Music/Sounds


- As you put the first disk the customer gives you, the machine loads the information you need to find about this person and throws some of their disks.

- For example: "Still believes in Santa" sounds like something personal, so you take out the JOKE disk, plug in PERSONAL, and read through the text looking for something to do with Santa.

- Once you find the answers, you have to put the JOKE disk again and tick the boxes accordingly.

- Depending on how accurate your answers are, the machine will generate a good or a bad joke, for which the customer pays.

You have to meet the quota by the end of the day or you will ---!

The game has an ending! Please try to reach Day 3.

Interactive fiction with drag-and-drop elements, where you make money by selling cheap jokes to people in a dystopian society. Paired with a joke-cracking machine, your job is to help the machine generate jokes that personally target your customers to make them laugh. Whether your being thorough and carefully analysing data about your customers or your rushing and mixing rhetoric facts up, the level of satisfaction of each customer is going to differ and so will their payment, affecting your daily profit. Working as a joke machine assistant is difficult and requires being thorough and fast. Do you think you have what it takes to meet the Profit Quota each day and not succumb to forgetfulness or stress? Then you should take that floppy disk, insert it into the player, and press “JOKE” Good luck on your very first day!