Pinball Breaker DELUXE

Published 2024-02-03

IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing audio bugs - if you found any please DM us and we'll squash it in a patch. More details the better.

PINBALL BREAKER IS BACK! With new characters, 3D assets and new music tracks - the CubePunks is bigger and better than ever. Compatible with mobile and desktop browsers.

Featuring 3 modes!

-CLASSIC: a ground up remake of the original game, featuring the same rules and layout

-DELUXE: New rules, new layouts and powerups added in the mix, with 4x the original game's content it's perfect for those who wanted a bit more that what was here last time!

-SHUFFLE: Deluxe's rules with randomized layouts.

Support for the game will go towards providing updates, including more characters and technical polish.