Cafe Rush - TFPS

Published 2024-02-07

Always remember, ambition without proper compensation is bad and will drive yea to exhaustion, seems Lewis is slow on getting that xD

As always I hope you all enjoy the show~


Rebecca Chiara Marano as Kyra, Serious Snake, and Insectoid GM

Red Aller as Ali

James "MadFox" David as Lewis

Sam Slade as Krane

AdoxTalks as Goofy Snake and Rachel Cosplayer

Vincent Fabbri as Dinnerware Alien and Kaleon Knight

Shakyra Dunn as Angry Snake

Jazzy Oliver as Ed

PaulSonOfJim as Nim and Female Announcer

Josh Portillo as Convention Advert

RiztheNaga as Self Repair Machine


Sound Design by Kennedy Phillips

Music Composed by Anthony Baden Saggers

Soundfonts used for music: Basic 64, Basic 65 VSTSID, Bleep by Tonebytes