Kart Kollab

Published 2024-05-24

Fullscreen (windscreen) button is broken. This is an issue with Ruffle, you can use the right-click menu instead assuming you're not one of these damned kids on your mobiles!

Skip intro button removed in an effort to prevent Ruffle from crapping itself further.

Click/tap to begin, move on, etc. (apart from the above example of course)

Grab a kart to inspect it or just hit the garage button if you can't catch one.

The track button takes you to a new location.

Smack camera to toggle different views of the track (disables kart select).

Weather decreases map visibility so the little guys are easier to see.

Radio switches the music on and off.

!? ruins everyone's day.

Windscreen activates fullscreen mode (or it will again soon hopefully).

In the garage, the arrow buttons switch kart.

To visit an artist, touch their handle.

Slap the racer themself to rotate them.

X returns to the track.