Terrestrially Challenged

Published 2024-06-06

Terrestrially Challenged is a story about two aliens, Oznit and Yugo, who ran out of fuel and have to make a pitstop on Earth in search of a substance that is radiant enough to fuel their spaceship. The aliens must find this substance quickly and without alerting any of the local life, as they think their encounter will be hostile. Unfortunately , the aliens are led into a gas station on their quest to find this fuel source, and within this shop resides a strange creature known as Dick the Clerk Johnson. Will the aliens be able to fuel their ship unnoticed, or will they get caught and dissected and eaten by the U.S. president? I guess you'll just have to watch the cartoon and find out.



Patrik Kancsár - Director, Animation, Art, Sound design

Peter Bluhme Andersen - Background art, Prop design

Michael McGoldrick - Writer, Voice of Dick The Clerk Johnson

Jeremy Manuel Peña - Voice of Oznit, Additional animation

Luke Beal - Voice of Yugo

Antonio J Patiño - Logo, Gross-up painting

Michael Picher - Score

Miles John - Jungle Joe DVD

Johnny Hoare - Additional Sound design

Darius Richardson - Voice of Darlien

Marcello Laudato - Gallblastr poster model