Lab Cat

Published 2023-06-12

You are a test subject in an experiment involving the effect of puzzles on the feline brain.

Arrow Keys - Move
C - Select
X - Undo
Enter - Pause Menu

This is probably the longest amount of time I've ever put into making a game (almost 10 months, although I didn't work on it much over the summer), and even before that, I was developing the idea. I'm very passionate about this game, but I think it's finally finished. Also, Lab Cat wouldn't be the same without my amazing friends who made music, art, and pointed out each and every bug they found.

Tokens: 8187/8192
Characters: 49790/65535
Sprites: 254/255
Map: 100%
Sounds: 48/64
Music: 44/64

I hope you enjoy it!

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