THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS - Ep 2: Candy Carrier Chaos!

Published 2024-05-03
The gang are BACK for a WAaAaAaACKY candy filled adventure! They also discover that their lives literally have no meaning. Woohoo! So waaccky!!!!!

ALSOOO we just dropped the entire main Digital Circus characters as PLUSHIES!!!: Consider getting one to help support the production of more episodes. No pressure though! Have a great day ❤️

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    THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS IS BACK!!! This episode was only made possible with your incredible support after the release of the pilot ❤ Speaking of, we just dropped the ENTIRE main Digital Circus characters as PLUSHIES!!!: Consider getting one to help support the production of more episodes. No pressure though! Have a great day ❤️
  • @user-si4wd4vm5x
    " i am sure gummigoo will be a very fun reocurring character! " 5 seconds later " sniff sniff n-nevermind... sob "
  • "Have fun executing that bandit fella" "Yes.. that is what we're doing." That is exactly what they were doing.
  • 23:10 Jax actually shows the first glimmer of vulnerability when ragatha was talking about the funeral, he then looked mad before he walked away, maybe cause he doesn’t want to get to close to the others in fear of losing them to ‘abstracting’?? his aloof and cold demeanour I think is a way to protect himself from facing reality.. he is such a interesting character honestly, this show is so addicting I can’t believe there are only two episodes!
  • The way they got us emotionally attatched the gummigoo and then just killed him... I didn't know how to feel. I felt something but I don't know what it was.
  • @midnalazuli793
    24:04 Interesting points about this moment. - Jax is the only circus member who isn't seen grabbing Pomni's hand. It's not really surprising considering his actions towards her in this episode, so it's no wonder why Pomni wouldn't think he has her back. - It's hard to make out due to his lack of arms, but Kinger is among those grabbing Pomni's hand too, as you can vaguely see his white glove. I like that in spite of his ineptness, Pomni still believes he has her best interest in mind, especially considering he's made two (albeit failed) attempts to rescue her during the chase scene. - Although Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger, and Zooble ALL grab onto Pomni's hand, It's Ragatha's hand who Pomni grabs onto. I think it's fitting because Ragatha has been extremely supportive of Pomni ever since she's arrived. Doing her best to make her feel welcome, checking up on her in the morning to see if she's okay, and expressing concern when she's put in danger. By the end of this episode, I think Pomni realizes she's taken Ragatha's kindness for granted, so I'm glad we have some implication that Pomni trusts her the most.
  • - The AI being "57x more immersive" means Caine inadvertently allowed Gummigoo to comprehend his true nature but he could also erase his existence with zero effort. That's so darkly comedic, it's great. - Jax not being as funny and just more violent and manipulative seems like a deliberate effort by Gooseworx to establish how awful Jax is, as she's stated that he is the Digital Circus member that deserves to be trapped within the simulation the most.
  • I'm a "Gummigoo comes back in a future adventure but he's been reset like in the Steven Universe movie and doesn't remember his existential crisis or his heart-to-heart with Pomni" believer
  • @KoenRH2803
    “Amazing” in the series title is not an overstatement. These are so good, I have no idea how you’re able to make these and put them on YouTube. Aside from the beautiful world building, animation and character design it has also got a perfect blend of being fun lightheartedness and very disturbing at the same time. In one word amazing
  • Bro imagine becoming self-aware as an NPC in someone else's game and then have literal God smite you down not 10 minutes later and probably send you right back to where you came. The only consolation prize is he might've had his memory wiped but at the same time if not, that man is gonna have some SERIOUS trauma to work through. I honestly wasn't expecting him to even be able to pass through the portal, I thought it would've just had him thump up against it or something and get trapped in the kingdom during a monster attack. I honestly can't decide which is worse, being eaten alive by a fudge monster or turned into confetti by floating teeth with eyeballs.
  • 7:27 the way Jax’s head stays perfectly in place while the truck bounces violently 😭😭 amazing visual g
  • @Goofy4841
    "Aren't you supposed to be submissive and agreeable?" THE REFERENCE IS ACTUALLY CRAZY HOLY HELL
  • The whole cast is like the Inside out's emotions Ragatha=Joy Jax=Anger Gangle=Sadness Zooble=Disgust Kinger=Fear And Pomni=Anxiety (Anxiety is coming in Inside out 2)
  • @CNBW_
    24:03 I like how you can see Pomni's anxiety and fear of being seen as nothing melt away when she realizes how much the rest of them care about each other including herself. The funeral proved her own nightmare wrong and while she is stuck here, she doesn't have to be secluded and alone.
  • "So this is the Circus huh? I could get used to this." - Gummigoo, mere moments before his untimely death.
  • @rat13c37
    I just realized how Jack’s was so chaotic in this episode, the whole series that takes place is candy carrier CHAOS it ends with chaos
  • @dyscot9905
    3:20 "No thanks I'm trying to quit" was more funny than it needed to be to me Edit: Glad we can all agree this was one of the best lines in this episode lmao
  • @Katzume-64
    3:12 "Nah thanks Im trying to quit" is stupidly funny to me cause its so out of character but just feels so bubble
  • ABOUT KINGER: 19:15 19:25 - 19:32 23:17 I really love that, despite being mostly seen as a comic relief aimed character, Kinger is actually very wise when he does not dissociate. He has been stuck the longest, so much that it took a toll on him to the point of creating an amnesiac personality as coping mechanism, but he reminds emotionally mature and intelligent. He did not give up and we know that through the fact that everyone thought he would be abstracted first because of his recurring jumpy dissociations. I really like how this Is slowly more proven right, even despite this being the second episode. Well done GLITCH! And massive shoutout to the voice actpr who understands the tones for the situations and moments of dissociations. A real PRO!