I Explored MrBeast's Abandoned Minecraft Server

Published 2023-03-24
Today I'll show you my journey about how I Explored MrBeast's Abandoned Minecraft Server, simpcraft, and uncover how it slowly turned into an anarchy server like 2b2t!
The entire experience was fascinating, strange, and in some ways, sad.

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MrBeast's video -    • Raiding Servers W...  
zorz (Footage)-    • We Built The Worl...  
IlmarsXd (Footage)-    • defending spawn 2.0  

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This video has nothing to do with speedrunners, 100 days, hardcore, "minecraft but", 1.20, Camels, sniffers, hermitcraft, QSMP, trails and tales, or any of those other topics. But it definitely involves MrBeast!

All Comments (21)
  • MrBeast
    Maybe I’ll give it a look again now haha
  • FrostDeezAKA
    imagine being the one person who still believes in the server and one day you hop on to see FitMC walking around
  • Delta lord
    This is the equivalent to if humanity traveled into the stars and found a planet with destroyed structures that looked scarily like the ones at home. It's like looking into a mirror of what could've been.
  • Pop Culture Data
    The fact that the number of players dropped to zero on a server of a youtuber with 100M subscribers is crazy.
  • Gennik
    This video somehow captures a post-apocalyptic feel better than many games and movies
  • Darn Computer
    This would make for a good series finding old abandoned servers and roaming around them.
  • Tim Waltman
    I hope the server community will appreciate this video and that the server community will grow!
  • Dean2
    As a person who once lived in 7:06 and 7:32 I felt a huge wave of nostalgia, even for the good and the bad
  • isaacyoder 413
    This would be a perfect second 2b2t. An anarchy server that's free and open, already has a history and is owned by a famous figure. It's already got a lot of clout, and Fit just gave it the promotion it needed. This should be entertaining to watch.
  • Queckules
    It feels so eerie, desolate and deserted. Like a post-apocalyptic planet. Unbelievable that so many people played on this server for years hoping for MrBeast's return.
  • Nicolae Calin
    Playing on an abandoned server is like being the last human on earth, knowing that actual people built and made everything, but everyone is just gone, finding remnants of old player buildings, it's really something that singleplayer can't recreate, a feeling of lonelyness especially knowing that anybody could join at any time, yet your completely alone in there
  • Dave Hue
    Wow, seeing all the abandoned builds is kind of unnerving. It really reminds me of a liminal space where you expect people to be there but they're not, it's just you travelling through lonely places. Just you left to explore the ruins of what could've been.
  • Animephobe
    50,000 people used to live here, now it’s a ghost town
  • Nugcon
    I love this story of a civilization being visited by god-like beings, then being suddenly abandoned by them. Afterwards their society started to revolve around bringing them back through any means necessary.
    A digital version of a cargo cult, just like in ww2 where soldiers visited some previously uncontacted tribes, building bases on their land and thus bringing them huge amounts of food and resources. But once they left, the natives tried everything to bring them back, like making rituals imitating their military drills, it became a big part of their culture.
  • NutelGame
    This server is a good example of how 2B2T in the last version of Minecraft would be awesome and revolutionnary
  • Aaron Toh
    This truly looks like humanity on the brink of extinction when everything around us totally changes.
  • shiba
    I think it’d be really cool if he kept it up, or at least made it a whitelisted server. Sounds fun
  • FormalPear
    Kinda crazy how an entire society developed because of the soul purpose of getting Mrbeast attention. The history behind this sever is wild
  • Rylix
    this server's whole deal feels like the plot of some grand story

    you arrive in an abandoned world, the intelligent life having long died out after their gods abandoning them and many wars ravaging the landscape
    now all that remains of the people is the ruins and scars
  • This is probably one of the most depressing anarchy servers ive ever seen. Awesome video as always Fit!