Published 2024-06-02
OFFICIAL STREAM starts at 3:30pm BST (10:30am EST) Sunday June 2nd.

Kick off time is at 4pm BST (11am EST)


Any donations you make are greatly appreciated and going to a great cause! Hope you enjoy the match.

Both teams will be recruiting the best players possible, and let it be known that on June 2nd, at Selhurst Park Stadium in London, we’ll finally find out if its Football or Soccer.

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All Comments (21)
  • @sparewildflower
    Those lads trained so hard and organised a whole event, made it affordable for everyone, and folk couldn't even be respectful enough to enjoy the show. I'm glad they at least got some time to play. Don't be surprised if they never do anything like this again
  • @kdrlv
    niko walking out with the boy from the ndl video warmed my heart man
  • @nax2s
    Kai including Ray in every big event he does is so wholesome to see 😂
  • @xSarinaDx
    dude that commentary was lowkey insane (they need a raise)
  • @lum1lad775
    Respect to the fans that didn't run onto the pitch
  • @kerrieswrld
    the pitch invaders.. I bet that felt like such a kick in the teeth for the lads. this event would of taken months of setting up and working on it for the end to be taken away like that because of one selfish 'fan' must of been sore. still, LOVED THIS sm. So proud of AJ. Amazing seeing all these youtubers come together for a charity event like this. absolute fire 🔥🔥🔥
  • @aliwashere666
    The fans really ruined the ending. I can’t believe it ended in a draw.
  • @AngiesZone
    “Fanum came in 1 hour late and duke came in late with some girls with him” that’s crazy
  • @lynnachieng5900
    the commentator " Aj the star of Beta squad and Ratatouille" 😭😭
  • @Loserrrrrr576
    Bro they need a rematch ASAP the fans literally ruined it😢
  • @viva-filistin
    Honestly I lowkey was hoping beta squad hit 10 million subs during the game. That'll be such a gift back to all their hardwork.
  • ofc Aj nd Kai will stay arguing nd fighting in the corner while the rest of the team are taking the game seriously😂 W Duo fr
  • @dsy_123
    ‼️UPDATE‼️ pitch invaders caused the players to evacuate. The score being 6-6. They failed to clear the pitch and NO penalties will take place. There may be a rematch in America 🔴
  • @freyaxoxo45
    Omg it warmed my heart to see all the beta squad members and amp members holding the children’s hands it was so sweet to watch x
  • @najjee2
    As a mum of a teenager, I was soo thrilled that her favourite stars managed to light up our teenager To meet friends ,have fun without then being ostracised, it was really about them,imagine the impact of positivity and fun can bring to our children. I know at the end it was messed up but everything has a beginning and I know next time it will even be more magnificent. Thank you to the Beta and Amp squads .keep inspiring our children away from hate, violence, racism etc..all seemed harmonius with each other. Indeed we are building a new world, as we are tired of separation and fear related stories..
  • @richajain712
    Aj was honestly ruling the pitch for most the time
  • @qaqambamdingi
    Despite the disappointing ending, this was so amazing, so proud of the Beta Squad 💓💓💓