We Got Town Hall 16!! Spending Spree on the Update (Clash of Clans)

Published 2023-12-13
The TH16 Update has arrived to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming gems Town Hall 16 whilst providing an upgrade guide to showcase the new content. There is a New Troop, the Root Rider, New Merged Defenses, the Ricochet Cannon and Multi-Archer Tower as well as New Hero Equipment. Not to mention a huge list of upgrades including hero levels, defense levels and the New Spirit Fox Pet. The Update Special Offers are good though and helped us upgrade significantly in this video before attacking in war. Clash On!

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All Comments (21)
  • @usmanamin8859
    My bank account has advised me to stop watching these type of videos.
  • @TarmacPanther
    The troop boost isn't to the max level based on your laboratory level anymore, it boosts the troops to the max for your town hall level now. The same applies to heroes and pets, they get boosted to the max for your town hall which is a really nice change
  • @cartidise
    16:15 I love how you explain this to us and give us a hint not to spend too much money on Clash Of Clans as regular players.
  • @osterhai
    I am 99% certain the ricochet canon and the multi archer tower are only there to create space for future buildings, but i still like em.
  • I get super excited when Judo spends so much money for our satisfaction 😍
  • @peskybird8041
    You dont actually have to upgrade the lab instantly, they updated the power potion (and townhall boost) to give you the max level of troops for your townhall, regardless of your lab level, same with heroes, they will now get boosted to the max your townhall alows
  • @Tylanhood13
    Can we just appreciate that judo’s money never fails to disappoint
  • @smileyface_500
    You can really tell how excited Judo is for this update!
    Great job showcasing the new upgrades and features. Thanks for putting this together and keeping us updated.
  • @Dunksy
    i genuinely love judo, he seems like such a nice kind person irl and I love his always energetic and loud sounding voice, such a nice accent, hes helped me learn a bunch about clash thanks judo.
  • @Menace-inCodm
    I remember when coc max th was 11 and now i dont even think this coc anymore
  • @Scromanoe
    Used code JUDO for all the purchases👊🏼
  • @yeezyskeezy8039
    It’s so awesome to see how Clash of Clans keeps dropping these great updates, adding to and changing aspects of the game in the best ways. CR devs should seriously take notes.
  • @bprw12
    Thanks for the clarity on the active hero equipment. I had assumed each would have their own trigger button
  • @francescocerami
    I am so happy that judo spend a lot of money to make us feel good every time something new is added… I don’t know how to thank you for all the money you have spent for me. ❤️
  • @SuilongV3
    I honestly aspire to be as happy as Judosloth is when a new update comes out and he goes on a spending spree. 😄 ❤
  • @A6JUN.
    He just finished the update in a hour💀